The role of a project manager is challenging and exciting at the same time. An effective project manager should have certain traits that can help in the successful completion of a project. The traits define the ability of a manager to handle challenging assets associated with managing a project.

Here are 10 abilities that every project or team manager should have to effectively manage projects and see to it that they get completed on-time, within the budgeted costs, and meeting all the project requirements.

1. Excellent Communication Skills

A project manager must possess excellent communication skills. It is the cornerstone of effective project management. Various studies have highlighted the importance of speaking and listening skills in creating long lasting relationships with the employees.

A project manager must be open and direct when communicating. The manager must know how to convey the message effectively to the team using the verbal and nonverbal gesture. Moreover, the manager should be familiar with the use of technological tools to communicate with both the superiors and the subordinates.

2. Expert Knowledge and Competence

Another important trait for a project manager is competence. A project manager should have complete mastery over the project managerial techniques and tools. The best project managers exemplify expertise that shows in the way they command their subordinates.

Display of competence elicits adherence and respect to authority without having to use forceful measures to gain obedience.

3. Ability to Motivate

The project manager must know how to motivate, inspire, challenge, and encourage team members. It is the key aspect of channeling the potential of the employees to deliver quality outputs.

A good project manager knows how to make the team perform to the best of their abilities through motivational one-to-one conversation or group meeting. This is the key aspect of turning a group of average individuals into highly productive members of a project.

4. Know How to Lead the Team

What separates a good project or team manager and an average one is the ability to lead the team to achieve great results. Project management is not just about managing the tasks; it’s also about having a vision and leading the team to a successful project outcome.

The project should be led in a way that builds consensus while also eliminating obstacles out of the way. Effective project managers have a vision of a better tomorrow and guide and inspire the team members to realize the vision. The team members should be able to look at their leader to get them out of challenging situations and see the project successfully to the end.

5. Ability to Delegate Appropriate Tasks

An effective project manager should have the ability to delegate the right task to the right person. By allowing people to an active part in managing a project, the manager will avoid the prospect of micromanaging the staff, which is in a way an Achilles heel for a project manager.

6. Skill in Organizing and Multitasking

A good project manager should know how to organize and manage multiple tasks or projects. The manager should know how to track issues regarding the project on a daily basis and implement effective plans to resolve the problems. It can be said that the very success of the project depends on the ability of the project or team manager to organize the resources, tasks, and projects effectively. An organized manager will be able to successfully manage the project, and see that it comes to a successful completion.

7. Skill in Managing Contracts

Contracts management refers to managing vendors and suppliers. Most of the projects require sourcing materials from different vendors. Whether the contract relates to a local or an international company, you need to know the art of negotiation to secure optimal terms for the company. You should know how to deal with divergent interests, and create a win-win situation for both parties of the contract.

Moreover, you also need to be able to handle legal aspects relating to the contract. This is necessary to ensure that the company doesn’t incur losses due to fraudulent actions of the suppliers.

8. Employee Conflict Management Skills

A contract manager needs to know the art of effectively handling employee conflict. The manager should have the skill of empathy, people management skills, and conflict resolution skill. These skills are necessary to ensure that all employee conflicts and grievances are handled appropriately and create a positive atmosphere within the organization.

9. Have an Eye for Detail

A good project manager must have the ability to look closely at all the relevant aspects of the project, both big and small. The manager should be meticulous about managing the project. He or she should understand the impact each component of the project will have on the overall success.

10. Risk Management Skills

Probably the most important skill of a project manager is the ability to manage risks related to the project. Disaster can strike at any moment, and a good risk manager is aware of this reality. Being able to understand and control the risks is an indication that you are on top of the project. It involves coming up with an effective risk management programs after assessing all the eventualities relating to a project.

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