15 Things You Need To TRASH In Your Home! *just do it*

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Today's video, we'regoing though the house and we're trashing things.

I've done this before in my closet.

I've given you guys recommendations for things to trash in yourcloset, occasionally donate, today we're going through the house, I feel like a lot of us rightnow have some extra time and these things are literallythings you can trash today.

There's a couple things in this list you might wanna consider donating but a lot of them actuallywill go right in the trash.

So I really hope you enjoy this video.

Let's get started.

Okay, so the very first thing that you're going to trashtoday, after you watch this video and maybe a few of myother videos.

(chuckles) You're gonna go to your refrigerator and you're gonna throw outthose condiment packets, because we all know you have them.

Don't lie.

Go look, go check your refrigerator.

I bet you have them hidden behind, behind the butter back there.

(dramatic music) Yeah, are you really gonna use them? No, you're not going to use them.

So you should put them in the trash.

Number two, this one is a no-brainer but it only makes sensethe I add it in here since we're already in the refrigerator.

So after you throw out thosecondiment packets, go back to the refrigerator and throwout all of the expired food and this includes any leftoversthat have been in there over a week just in Tupperware containers, but it also means those pickles, it means the barbecue saucethat's been in there for months and you haven't finished the whole bottle.

It might mean the mayonnaisethat's two years old.

So just go through your refrigerator, just clean it all out andyour refrigerator will look so much more tidy.

(upbeat music) It might give the illusion that you need to go to the grocery store but really you don't, you actually don't.

Okay, so this one I really like, it's gonna apply toeveryone, like most of these.

You're gonna go to yourstash of pens and pencils and you're gonna throw out the ones that have really bad ink, maybe no ink, you're gonna throw away thepencils with no erasers.

Who wants a pencil with no eraser? But you still have them.

So just go through your writing utensils and toss out the bad ones.

I mean, just think about it, next time you go to put a pen back, it's gonna actually goin the slot, really well.

It's not gonna be jammedall together, you know? Do you know, what I mean? I think you know what I mean.

Look how much you've accomplished already.

So the next thing that youshould consider trashing and replacing is any pots andpans with scratches in them.

And I know this happens over years of use but a lot of people don'trealize how important it is to actually replace your pots and pans because once that protectivelayer on the pan is compromised with the scratching, that actually leaks toxins intoyour food every single time you make food and that is so bad.

Like, it's really, really bad.

And I was awful at replacing my pots andpans, as of recently, I knew it needed to be donebut I just dragged my feet because I just didn't know what to order.

I knew I really wanted something healthy, so I did lots of researchand I finally ordered a set.

I can link it down below.

We are so happy with them, it is ceramic, which again, is a really, really healthy option.

So like I said, if youhappen to be interested in the market, you cando your own research but I can link these below.

While we're on thissubject, the next thing you should consider trashingare any old cooking utensils.

Because those get compromised too.

The little silicone, silicon, I don't know what that is.

It gets all warped and weird and that probably leaches badthings into your food too.

Not to mention we usually only have like three of our top favorites and those are what we actuallyuse when we cook food.

So just go through your utensil drawer.

Toss out the bad ones.

I did recently orderthese wooden utensils, which oh my gosh, I am loving.

Not only are they just really pretty to look aton my kitchen counter, but again, they're very healthy.

The next thing that you should consider trashing, are blankets and or towels with stains and rips.

And I know, they are socozy and nice on your skin and they're familiar, (gentle music) but they've seen better days and sometimes we just haveto part ways and that's okay.

Replace them, you'll thank me later.

You actually will.

Bonus tip, if you're feeling nostalgic about those towels and blankets, you don't actually have to trash them, just move them along to storage or like maybe a garage, aworkspace where you can use them as a drop cloth, maybewhen you spill car oil or(haunting music) something like that, theyactually might come in handy.

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So we're on number sevenand this is a good one.

This is a good one.

We're gonna trash all of those travel and sample sized products.

They're like the condiment packets.

We don't really use them.

We think we're gonna use thembut we don't really use them and we actually don'ttake them on our vacations when we think we'regoing to use, we don't.

So go to your bathroom open those drawers.

Maybe under the sink, wehave them stashed everywhere.

Just gather them all up, say your goodbyes and let's trash them (exhales) I know, I know, Ifeel guilty about throwing away perfectly good products too.

They're most likely expired, like they probably are.

Like, they probably are, let's be real.

But if you really don't think they are, you could just gather them all up, give them to your grandma, give them to your mom.

Pass them along if you don'twanna really trash them because they probably are good but we just need to passthem along to somebody else that thinks that they'regonna actually use it.

So while we're talking about expirations, we might as well move on toour makeup, that is expired or hair products or lotions that we have had for 12 years.

Yeah, it's time to just trash those because it'll really diminish the clutter.

I know when it comes tomakeup, like mascara, that stuff just dries out so it's really easy to toss that out because it just stops working, but a lot of other makeup like blush or maybe eyeshadow palettes, we've had them for yearsand year and years, they're expired, they probablystill look visually okay and honestly, I don't thinkthey're really gonna hurt you, I mean, maybe they will I don't know.

We like to buy new makeupand so it just accumulates so let's just toss out the old stuff.

All right, so we're startingto get personal here, we're talking about socks.

Socks with holes in them.

(suspenseful music) There is a very widespreadthought on this.

Some people as soon as youget a hole in your sock it goes right in the trashcan.

(upbeat music) That's my personal school of thought.

While others, are like, it's just hidden in a shoe, you can't really see those holes.

Honestly, either one is fine, I guess I just feel like, if those socks have holes, it's time to trash them, but that's just me.

But what you should trash, or donate depending on the level of wear, shoes that are just really worn out.

I've talked about thison my channel before but we fall deeply inlove with comfortable and stylish shoes.

When we find that magical combination, we want to hold on to the shoes forever.

It's hard to part ways but if they just arebecoming extremely worn out, it's time to donate them or trash them because they just bringdown your entire look, except the Golden Goose sneakers and the dirty sneaker trend is totally ruining theschool of thought for me so maybe I'm totally wrong and you really shouldkeep your dirty sneakers, I don't know.

The next thing that you shouldtrash, outdated electronics and accessories because that all just accumulates everywhere.

We've got cords, we've got chargers, we've got old cellphones, we've got things that are electronic that we don't even know what it, what it goes with.

(record scratching) It's in a shoebox somewhere.

It's time to trash it, I mean you really don't evenknow what it does anymore.

It's outdated, it'sirrelevant, it's had its day.

So gather that all up, trashcan it goes.

Unless it's a cellphone, there's different, I don't know.

I think there's different things as far as what you can actually trash, like you can't just throw a TV.

Do you know what I mean? Like there's different things.

I'm sorry, I'm goingdown a rabbit hole now.

The outdated electronics.

Toss 'em.

Okay, so this next one, I'm notgoing to lie, it is not fun.

So these other ones are kind of fun, it's like, (chuckles) I'm throwing away these pens and pencils.

(crowd cheering) this one is hard because you actually have to payattention to what you're doing and that is throwing away oldreceipts and old paperwork, like bills or bank statements, that kind of stuff.

I think that a lot ofus kind of keep things, hopefully, we have likea spot where they go.

Maybe in like a filing system.

No, that's probably, no, who does that? You don't really need all that paperwork, so it would really behoove you to toss that but again, it takes some effort in actually not tossing out things that you actually should keep.

But let's be real, most ofit, you don't really need.

The next thing that you should donate, not trash, don't trash this, but it's books that you will never read.

Yes, they just sit there on the shelf and sometimes foraesthetics, that looks good.

Maybe you need some booksfor on your shelves, but a lot of times, they actually are just kind of in some boxes orthey're just cluttering up, like you just have too many and you know you're notgonna actually read them, so gather them all up, let's donate them.

And while you're on those bookshelves, you can gather up some knickknacks.


It's a weird word.

Sometimes we have themfor sentimental purposes, like maybe you have somethingthat's been passed down from your grandma.

That's wonderful, that'sgreat, obviously keep that.

But sometimes, they're just weird gifts.

Like we don't need a lot of snow globes or little bunny rabbits.

If you have too many, itjust kind of looks cluttery and it's just, I don't know, it's something, like it's a good thing that you can just gather someof them up, toss 'em out, maybe donate them to otherpeople that like knickknacks.

Wire hangers.

This, guys, is so good, (eerie music) to trash.

Maybe keep one, just incase you wanna like undo it and fish it down yourplumbing, like your shower and pull out all thatgross hair, I mean that's, or if you lock your keys in the car, apparently if you've used a wire hanger, that's a thing, I don'tknow, but in general, if you still have wire hangers that you're like using for your clothes, I'm really telling you, upgrade to good hangers.

I'll link my favorites below.

They are life-changing, they're like the felt kind but they're actually sturdy, They don't break.

(upbeat music) I love them and I actuallyordered a whole big set so that my entire closet isall uniform in the same color.

It just really makes a bigdifference in your closet when all of the hangers are matching.

So yeah, wire hangers, they're a thing of the past.

So that does it for everythingyou should trash, today.

After you watch this videoand this one and subscribe.

Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you very soon in my next one.


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