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Start Your Own Business And Be Your Own Boss

Are you someone who hates to be “micromanaged”…to have a boss looking over your shoulder all the time? Maybe you work for an Ebenezer Scrooge who can never be satisfied…no matter how hard you try or how good a job you do. Are you tried of the rate race? Are you tired of living your life to make money for your boss or for the company? If any of this sounds like you, you probably have the “entrepreneurial spirit,” meaning you have a strong desire to strike out on your own and make your own money. By doing so you can forge your own destiny. When you own your own business the amount of money you make is no longer tied to the amount of hours you work or performance reviews. Rather, your success depends on your ability to market yourself and to do a good job at whatever service you provide.

35 Money-Making Businesses With Low Start-Up Costs is an idea book for those who want to be in business for themselves but aren’t sure which business opportunity they should pursue. This book highlights 35 opportunities that anyone can start and operate right out of their homes that require very little start-up costs. Many of these business opportunities can be very lucrative and with the right strategy and marketing it’s definitely possible to surpass six-figures in revenue.

Just A Few Examples Of What You Can Expect…

– A comprehensive overview of each business opportunity
– Additional resources cited for most opportunities including web sites and books
– Discussions of the pros and cons of business opportunities
– Get an idea of how much you can earn with each opportunity
– And many others

This Is Something You Can Do!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for those who want to start their own business is deciding which business opportunity to pursue. This book is designed to give you a solid overview of each opportunity so you can zero in on the business opportunity that you’ll enjoy the most and has the greatest chance of success for your particular situation.

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