The ecommerce market is notoriously competitive, and standing out can be a challenge. When operating online, the success of your store is dependent on traffic – that is, people visiting your website and potentially making a purchase. However, even without a sale, website traffic is a sign of a healthy business. Not only does it indicate that shoppers are aware of your existence, but it also shows that you have piqued their interest in some way. So how can you make sure you are on your target audience’s radar? Start with these four simple tactics for driving traffic to your store.

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1. Leverage the Power of Social

Social media is one of the most influential tools of our time and, unsurprisingly, forms a vital part of any ecommerce strategy. When it comes to driving traffic, the benefits of social media are manifold. Firstly, it enables you to engage with your target audience on their turf, making it easier to appeal to their interests and to position your brand as relevant. Secondly, with image-based platforms like Instagram, you can showcase your products in action. In fact, other social networkers can act as brand ambassadors; try sending a freebie from your product range and, if they like the product, encourage them to post a photo of them using it. Social media is renowned for its domino effect, so this is a great tactic for boosting traffic.

2. Keep on Top of SEO

The need for SEO is obvious: if your website doesn’t show up when people search for you, your traffic count will be low. This is where keywords come in, so make sure all of your website content is keyword-optimized. This also applies to product descriptions, which must be completely unique – otherwise, Google may mistake them for spam. Another SEO tactic that is perhaps not so well-known is SSL protection. Of course, all ecommerce stores should have this anyway for security reasons, but secure sites also stand to benefit from improved Google rankings – another good reason to secure your site with an SSL certificate if you haven’t already done so.

3. Expand Your Reach with Content

One of the best things you can do to help your online store is to surround it with content. The chances are, you built your ecommerce site with a specific audience in mind – be it fitness fanatics, fashionistas or dog-lovers. What better way to drive them to your store than with first-class content? From how-to blog posts and infographics to news round-ups or recipes, the possibilities are endless. When trying to boost traffic, it is important not to focus purely on sales but also on brand awareness. With unique, useful content, you may attract people who aren’t actually looking to buy anything right now – and that’s perfectly fine. By reading your content, they become aware of your brand, making it more likely that they will visit your shop when they do need to make a purchase.

4. Submit Your Products to Comparison Shopping Engines

Although it may require a little financial investment, this last strategy may be just what you need if traffic to your store is lagging. Comparison shopping engines display products from several different sites at once, making it easy for shoppers to compare prices and find the best deal. If your products are unique, or your prices are extremely competitive, there’s a good chance you’ll fare well on comparison shopping engines. The only drawback is that most shopping engines will charge you each time someone clicks on your listing and is redirected to your website. The silver lining, of course, is the boost in traffic – and increased likelihood of a sale. Find out more about comparison shopping engines here.

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