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In any hosting plan, you will see that subdomains are considered as part of the package's features. If you choose a low-priced account, your host may set a limit on the number of subdomains you can create. However, if you subscribe to a higher plan, you are usually given the chance to create as many subdomains as you want. Some website owners tend to ignore this particular hosting feature due to the fact that they still have not recognized the numerous benefits of using subdomains.

Of course, before you can utilize a certain web feature, you need to know what it is first. Subdomain is that word or group words that comes before the main domain. Here is an example: In the given example, is the main domain while mathdepartment is the subdomain. If you think subdomains are made just so you can label or name your subpages, think again. Subdomains serve many purposes and you can use them in different ways. Try these:

1. When Short Is Better

Probably, you have encountered an information-packed webpage that you would like to visit again, but can not. You do not remember anything its exact website address, maybe because its length, or maybe because it bears a name that is simply forgettable. That address may look like something like this: . Most visitors will not spend their precious time jotting down or memorizing long web addresses. By using subdomains, you can come up with a simple web address like this:

2. Play Of Words

The key to make your website addresses stick to the mind of your visitors is to use easy to remember subdomains. Aside from making it short, it also has to be able to catch attention. So, if you like to make a subdomain for your photo gallery page, stay away from lame labels like myphotogallery or onlinephotoalbum. They are so boring! Instead, try something new like "framedfaces" or "capturedmemories". They sound better, right?

3. Cluttered Website? Get Organized!

Aside from their ability to turn your lame website addresses into hip and happening names that can definitely draw attention, you can also use subdomains to organize your files. As time goes by, your website will need to add more contents. Although your contents may talk of different topics, there is a way to put them into categories.

So, if you have a website dedicated to sports, you can create subdomains to help you arrange the sports articles. For example for basketball-related articles, for tennis-related articles, and so on. This way, you are helping your visitors find their way through your website. Updating your website will be a lot easier, too.

4. Share Your Space. Distribute Names.

You still probably do not see the importance of having unlimited subdomains, so why not give them away? If you are willing to share disk space with your friends, you can do so by giving them access to your server. Aside from allotting disk spaces for them, make them choose their own subdomains. This way, you are expanding your website's community and allowing its members to interact.

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