The overarching dilemma Real Estate buffs face every day is quite different than any other business around town these days – whether to invest on existing clients for referrals or to find new lead sources – and without a doubt I can tell you, many of the Real Estate agents are failing to grasp the market properly. 75% of Real Estate business comes from client referrals and the all-so-glorious word of mouth, yet we have the Real Estate business increasingly spend more money on attempting to find ways of attracting new clients and not emphasizing on the area that gets them the business. Yes, trying to find new business is never a bad thing to do, but then you have an opportunity cost to deal with. Are you doing it right?

Yes, all of this go through your mind almost every day and yes, you are very concerned. To tell you the truth, we too are concerned for your business and for the market. Therefore, allow us to guide you through 5 ways that can definitely improve your Real Estate sales in a fashion that has retention and catches them new fishes in the pond:

1. Establish Regular Marketing Processes & Ideate Specific Tactics

This one is easy and works two-fold. Just like a football team, you have to manage your strategies and your tactics for the business. The best strategy wins the game and that is exactly what needs to be done. But it will be foolish to think there exists a dominant strategy. Your business tactic has to evolve and improve according to the environment of your market. The most adjusting and the most effective – the two-folds here – will win the game, or in essence of the business, get more sales.

2. Be Active In Social Networks & Be Good

An argument for Social Media presence should be an old nut to digest by now. But allow us to pitch it in the right manner to get a perfect strike. Social Media is not “just” a medium of interaction anymore. Sure, you can pool your clients and the potentials into one portal and market your properties effectively. But now that social media enabled clients and customers to review your business and performance, it made new inroads for you to boost your sales as you can easily gather all your reviews in one company page, making the process of reviewing easier and more concise for customers to follow. Therefore, the better you are at managing your social media presence and managing your review, the better reputation your business makes. And if your Real Estate Company can incorporate 3D visualizing of the property for clients online, you shall be nailing deals after deals in no time!

3. Making Advertisements the Non-Traditional Way

It is high time you revolutionize your marketing strategies. Billboards and leaflets are a thing of the past, and also a reason why you might be incurring losses. Join the “Native Advertising” bandwagon. Native ads are a new trend in the market and known more as “sponsored content,” which being ads that look like news articles and appear on news websites next to news articles but tend to advertise more than act like a news article. The Real Estate business pot makes the third most investment in Native Advertising, according to recent data and it is best that start shaking up your marketing strategies as soon as you can if you are still unaware of Native ads. While selling your house on your own, use your peer network to reach out to prospective clients in your network.

4. Optimize your on-page real estate website elements

This one is Social Media Management 202. Let us assume that you have an apartment to sell in Brooklyn Street. You have quite the good rep on Social Media but you don’t make it to the first 3 pages on Google. This means you can easily lose out on good business. Understanding customer behavior is also an important aspect of boosting your sales. In the modern day and age, almost everything is available on Google and almost everything is searched on Google. If you are not into Search Engine Optimization, the road to the top of Google searches will be tough, even more now that most companies are using SEOs to boost their sales. Therefore, managing your Social Media presence is of course important. But managing SEOs take your sales up a notch.

5. Make Use of Hyper lapse

Hyperlapse is a new app that Instagram recently launched. Using time-lapse photography technology and impressive image stabilization software, it essentially puts a few thousand dollars’ worth of video editing software and expertise in a single app on your phone and that too for free.What makes this app precious, as your gold mine, is the fact that the visual effects not only makes your properties look eye-catching but also realistic, saving you from the usual scorn look on your customers’ face when they realize that the “photoshopped” properties at your site don’t really add up to the property they are seeing with their own eyes.

Well now that you know the secrets, it is ideal that you make the required adjustments to your marketing plans and set up the gears to approach your clients with your new-upgraded look.

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