The holidays are such a wonderful time to revamp your social media strategy to reinvigorate your followers’ interest in your products or services. If you’re wondering how to revamp your social media for the holiday season, try out the below 5 tips. They are sure to generate vast interest in your offerings:

Create Special Offers

Consumers are now accustomed to getting special offers on social media. Creating special offers only for the holiday months and announcing them specifically on social media will help keep followers engaged, as well as build excitement for a brand or specific product.

Invest In Your Followers

Take advantage of this time of year and get more leads, subscribers, and potential customers with holiday-themed promotional campaigns. Coupons are a great way to drive sales. Another fantastic way to engage these customers and make them feel special during the holidays is to create holiday contests. For example, you can create a contest to find the best picture of a consumer using a certain product. You can also team up with a local charity! Consider holding a food drive or staging a buy one/get one promotion through which your business donates the other item to a family in need.

Spread the Cheer Across Platforms

Don’t limit yourself to just one social-media platform. Instead, create content on all of the appropriate channels for your audience, each with organic content focused exclusively to that channel. Your Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Tweets should drive the same idea, but the content should be customized to resonate best with each channel’s unique community.

Use a Post Scheduler

This is an application that you can integrate into the social media platforms that you use. With the information gathered from the real-time tracking tool, you can see the approximate timeframes in which online users are most active. You can schedule posts according to these peak hours. This type of application saves you a lot of time! Time that you can spend focusing on other aspects of your business.

Monitor Your Social Media

Keep an eye on what is being posted by your social media team.  Inappropriate posts or unprofessional engagement practices need to be addressed and corrected immediately. In the end, you are responsible for monitoring your brand.

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