Whatever type and size of business you’re operating, there is always a need for lighting in some way, shape or form, as well as the need to make it as economically viable as possible. The continual rise in utility expenses on a global scale and the increasing pressures on businesses to reduce their environmental impact has left many looking for new alternatives for lighting solutions that can save money and help the environment.

Of course there are already a number of more environmentally friendly options on the market today, but some of these are a more expensive choice and only provide marginal long-term savings over cheaper lighting solutions. However, this could all be about to change as there are some new innovations in lighting that could be helping businesses save, both in terms of cost and energy.

1) Government Schemes – One Australian company who have made it their mission to find a more economical and environmentally friendly solution for commercial lighting is Ledified Lighting Corporation. They see themselves as leading the revolution towards LED lighting solutions in Australia and are in fact supported by the Australian Government initiative to phase-out inefficient lighting, such as the incandescent lights, which came into effect in November 2009. This mission and revolution has resulted in their commitment to producing LED lighting that is incredibly eco-friendly, economical, functional and stylish too.

2) New Innovations – Using the latest technology from world leading manufacturers, innovative lighting businesses are able to produce patented LED products that can be used in a wide range of commercial environments. LED or Light Emitting Diodes are small individual electrical chips that emit high levels of lumens per watt; however, they use far less power in the process than a traditional incandescent light bulb and even the more modern Halogen or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). Some innovative applications include all in one LED security cameras, LED Wallpapers and some companies are now even able to make bendable LED screens.

3) Cost/Savings – As described above LED lights are made far more cost effective, as you use a significantly lower amount of electricity; and with lower energy consumption it also reduces the level of greenhouse gas emissions lowering the carbon footprint of a business. Quality LED lighting products offer exceptional quality in terms of lumens per watt, ensuring that even the darkest commercial premises have superior lighting, but will actually deliver noticeable economical savings too. There are claims that businesses can save up to 80% on their lighting costs by installing quality commercial LED Lighting systems and commercial businesses across Australia in particularly are already starting to switch over to these products, some of which are reportedly saving over $120 million dollars on energy and replacement costs. And the great news is that in many cases, the savings you make on your energy costs will in fact pay for the LED installation over a given period of time.

4) Adaptability – Businesses aiming to corner this area of the lighting market have created an expansive selection of commercial lighting solutions for a broad range of sectors, which include education, healthcare, industrial, sports, retail, supermarkets, hospitality, offices and showrooms. Extensive commercial lighting products cover everything from Backlit Panels, perfect for offices, retail outlets and education facilities through to LED Floodlights, which can offer an impressive 100,000 hours life expectancy.

5) Eco-Friendly – Another key element of using LED lights in commercial properties is that they have a far greater life expectancy. Some LED lighting products have impressive life expectancies, which will ensure that the costs of replacement lighting will be lower as unlike incandescent lights you won’t need to replace them so frequently. With all this combined, it’s not hard to see where the benefits of LED Lighting systems are. You can make a dramatic difference to your business energy consumption, which naturally reduces the business carbon footprint in the process, making your business more eco-friendly and efficient.

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