7 Simple Tips To Cut Your Hair At Home (Video Tutorial!)

first up the right tools for the right job first up on the list a good pair of hair cutting scissors also known as shears what you're looking for is something on the smaller side about five to six inches in length next up we've got a standard barbers comb this is a narrow comb that has both a fine and wide teeth and it's gonna be about six to eight inches long next up two mirrors and at least one that's hand held this is optional if you have somebody else cutting your hair but it's nice to be able to see yourself to be able to give feedback to the person who's cutting your hair if you've got longer hair we want to have at least a couple large hair clips about three to four inches in the length these are going to be used to hold the hair in place before you cut it next up we've got Clippers now in today's tutorial we're gonna rely more on scissors the Clippers are really nice especially for the detail work on the base of the neck and the lower parts of the head thinning scissors are really nice because they allow you to cut half as much hair basically in the transition zone when you're going from short to longer hair you're able to get a nicer smooth transition without the lungs next up you want to know the basic head terminology first where we've got the crown at the top of the head next up we've got the hairline this goes along the front top of the face all the way back behind the head and around above the years we have the upper half of the head below the top of the ear we have the lower half of the head now for most hair styles the bottom two inches of the upper half that is known going all the way around as the transition zone now right at the base of the lower half we have what's known as the nape this is where the neck connects to the head and let's talk about the part if the part goes right down the center that is known as a center part if it goes to the right side or to the left side that is known as a side part now before we get into this the three big mistakes you want to avoid the first mistake being too aggressive cutting too much too fast – hi guys is the recipe for disaster big mistake number two miss communication gents if you've got somebody cutting your hair for the first time or the hundredth ton you want to make sure that you're on the same page that they understand what you're looking for so make sure to show them a picture show them a video of the hairstyle that you want the third big mistake expectations gents if you're getting your hair cut at home most likely it's not being cut by a professional you got to trust the person you're asking to cut your hair is going to do the best job they can worst case you're not happy with the haircut guess what summers just around the corner time for a buzz cut wait the buzz cuts not your style gents have you ever thought about what would you look like shaved bald might as well give it a shot right and if none of that sounds appealing gents time to bring back the Hat tons of options out there all right gents so now let's get into cutting your hair rule number one envision what you want so look at yourself in the mirror and play with your hair look at the various lengths look how on the sides it's a lot shorter and up on top it's a lot longer in fact let's have a little bit of fun here imagine the electrified look basically if your hair was to stand on it and what it all would look like now the difference between the desired electrified look and the current electrified look this is where you want to cut now this sounds simple but it's so important that you understand and you communicate clearly what needs to be done to get to the desired look you want step two to cutting your hair at home hair prep first up wash your hair use shampoo and conditioner if necessary you want your hair to be clean get rid of any product anything that would be in your hair you want it cleaned out next up after drying your hair go ahead and comb your hair straight back next up take a seat 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to a special page where you will get the best deal out there on the web for natural organic grooming products that yeah I'm proud to stand behind and I want you to go check out step number three to cutting your hair from home start with the sides now if you remember the diagram I showed you earlier this is the lower half of the head remember that two inches right above the ear that's the transition zone you don't want to cut there yet so using your comb with the bristles facing up starting at the base of the hairline lift the hair on the lower half of the head and begin to cut you're cutting about a quarter of an inch at a time now you want to repeat this going a little bit higher about a quarter to a half an inch each time but remember not into the transition zone you move around the head in a steady movement starting at the base then going up gradually about a quarter of an inch each movement and you're just systematically going around the base of the head now remember it's always better to cut less than more because we can go over this again and in fact once you've made your first pass take a step back look at your work and then make a decision do I want to go over again and then take off maybe an additional eighth of an inch all that being said if you feel your work here is pretty good let's move on to step four cutting the top now note we're skipping right past the transition zone and we're gonna focus in on the top of the head so begin cutting the top I want you to start from the front and make your way to the back focus on the center two inches basically if you can imagine yourself with a mohawk this is the area that you're trimming pull the hair with your fingers perpendicular to the head and then cut a small amount off the ends you want to move backwards about a quarter of an inch every time you cut this gradual transition right here is going to make for a smooth look once you've gone to the back part of the crown but not into the transition zone we are going to go over to the left side now for the left side we've got another area about 1.

5 to 2 inches wide we're gonna go ahead and make our way back repeating the same process again once we get to the back of the crown but not into the transition zone we're then gonna move over to the right side and then focus in on that 1.

5 to 2 inch wide area we're gonna make our way back repeating what we did on the other two sides and again Jen's I can't say this enough it's better to cut less we're talking about a quarter of an inch then it is to be overly aggressive now one thing you may notice when cutting the hair on the top of your head is that one side may be longer than the other this is actually very normal especially if you comb your hair over to one side meet my style right here I've got a left side part so the hair on my left hand top area that is going to be in general longer on each side just cut an equal amount so if you cut half an inch on the right side well then cut off half an inch on the left side as well step number 5 – cutting your hair home the connection zone by Jen so in my opinion this is the trickiest area to cut your hair you want to make sure that you proceed with caution you can do it but you want to be very careful cut only a little bit at a time if you brush your hair just straight back the transition on both sides is gonna be relatively the same however if you park to the right like I do the left side isn't going to have as smooth a transition as the right side in general on my left side I'm just gonna have longer hair right next to the transition zone then I will on my right it's not gonna be even but the way I style my hair it works let's take that top here and get it out of the way using your clips or fingers you want to pull the top hair and keep it out of the way now starting at the bottom of the connection zone using the same comb technique we mastered earlier you want to go ahead and hold the hair perpendicular to your head and connect the upper to lower haircuts by starting to create a transition now it's here in the connection zone where we are building the silhouette of the cut when it comes to the connection of the longer hair on top with the shorter hair on the sides if in doubt leave the hair longer look for the lines that the barber or stylist left and try to follow the silhouette that was originally there and similar to the lower half you want to start on one side in this case we're starting here on the left and move your way to the back and then over to the other side so now let's clean up around the ears you want to use the comb and scissors to raise the line around the ears again be careful you don't want to cut yourself next up look for random long hairs random areas where you missed something and now let's talk about cleaning up the nape of the neck carefully as this is a very easy place to over cut you don't want to go too high step 6 – cutting your hair at home the big picture now it's time to comb your hair as you normally would and look at yourself in the mirror what do you think first up are there any lines these are clear transitions between short and long hair you want to try to get rid of those as best you can next up you're looking for off shapes these are puffy areas where the hair lays more than on one side than the other it creates an imbalance asymmetrical look what we want here is symmetry now at this point you want to carefully evaluate is it worth it going back in making adjustments in my opinion you should let little things slide because messing with good in an effort to get perfect often leads to a screwed-up cut and just remember just a good hair product can make your hair do whatever you want and it can deal with you a little bit of puffed up areas no problem so what video to watch next well how about Alpha M's video on how to cut your own hair his approach is a little bit different than mine and in fact I want you guys to go check it out and see what he has to say and do me a favor after watching his videos come back to this video leave me a comment and let me know which video you found more useful.

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