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The beauty of a job writing articles for a living is that it is low stress. Some of my most fun moments have been me at my desk, a fresh cup of coffee in hand, brainstorming ideas for the next article. I am the type of person that enjoys the mental calisthenics. I like the challenge (almost as much as I love the money) of coming up with fast, quick, short articles.

Often, I do not even know what I am going to write. I surprise myself and the creative process is fascinating, because you start with absolutely nothing in mind, then suddenly, you just open with some cliche and begin writing from there. Most of the time (but not always) when I stop writing, because I have completed the correct amount of words, I proof read the article and it surprises me how well written it is considering the complete lack of preparation and planning.

It is often like channeling. Like some crazy ghost is inside me, and it writes for me, the concepts come after each word. Often, I do not know, maybe I am getting senile (LOL) but the ideas come too fast, and in particular when I say to myself, "ooh I like that idea" suddenly I have this mental panic to make sure I remember it while finishing the last sentence only to lose it. I can sit there for minutes waiting for it to come back and it worries me a little when that happens. But the sheer volume of work I do makes it impossible to be so pedantic about my writing. I just have to plow through and hope at the end, it is at least satisfactory if not a little genius here and there.

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