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oh we are live and kicking oh stop it right mute kid over to you over to me right okay so I thought this might just be fun for us to share some some stories some fun memories of our time last year mad that it was a year ago

and so I know hams you've got a story that you wanted to share sure we've all got yeah yeah yeah I have loads of stories I have one particular story um hey hey so do you remember that time guys when we were doing the songs in the Suns

it was pretty early in the run was pretty early in the run and we were still trying to work it out and do you remember the time when we were horrible which song was it probably the third one and um there was a lot of noise going on

it was me a kid wearing a friend I remember is that we keep in the front we were poor but there was a lot of stuff going on in the back and I think there was like some sort of argument with a couple do they were remember that

or is it just me yeah no I remember that there was like a proper argument going on like a proper domestic argument hey man yes read in the Psalms and what there was there was someone who was they were having like a proper domestic argument yeah that was

behind us yeah so we couldn't turn around and be like I'm really sorry can you be quite pleasing yeah important song I just thought that was hilarious it was ridiculous because of how because we had to be quiet cause we were in Greece and it was quite conservative

and we have to be really serious we try to get people out of the way and then at the beginning we were quite polite but then thought well go for the road was that really ruder and remember that sound kit where we I think you you have the

drum and you're walking over any will that move I don't want that generally would you say to me I almost kicked on you kicked off it was like they were starting to fight with a bunch of nuns and dudes and suits I really had a great time slowly

but as the run went on I started doing racism not like a big race but walking too quickly sometimes and just like in a head and I remember seeing you know excuse me drums over here seen sir with a speed passed that people that where she then what

am I one of my favorite things was that like as the run went on on a whole those kind of little in jokes between us on stage that would kind of grow and grow and grow and then get to the point where we'd be sharing those with the

audience especially because some of them would come back multiple times and one of the one of the ones was that we get into this weird thing where me in hams during the during the play within the play we'll both make each other laugh and we shouldn't really be

interacting at all um but uh they'd always just be this thing where with just one look we're just yeah and then you'd have to really commit and you're you're five times the death would become seven times death war whatever it was just it was it was so good

like just ridiculous memories on that or like the ad-libs in the lovers scene got more and more outlandish I think was it like the the the salmon thing not quite remember what that was about but it was about how we'd fight each other and it would just get

more and more crazy and the audience would just completely be up for it was mad I definitely remember being the only one of the lovers to not like stack it at some point that's true yeah I said she probably she did yeah because that was that one box

that was like a step up to the stage and it was so rickety yeah and the audience around her were immediately like okay the amount of times where Paul and I would get clothes attached the set and not be able to to move yeah I nearly I nearly

died I'm not even joking one time where I'm I had to jump down from the top bunk of the bed once the stage and I got I don't know John was caught on the side of the bed as I was coming down I so I drew it I

fell off this like seven feet like bear to play and I felt kind of face-first and thankfully there was like there's a mattress and I only just got to landed on the mattress they've I supplied it I would have just like I would have died it was it

was really I just remember being like in shock and then I did the rest of the scene just thinking wow that was so the klutz wow that was a thing because you cuz after that you charge towards Tessa and I on the other side of the stage and

when you grabbed me you grabbed me and looked into my soul with fail like Jason just like am i okay no I think we're okay you continue guys the whole show was just trying to stay alive every time we come to the stage race which you remember that

time when we had the pole incident and it didn't properly dry so that was like a very slippery experience no millions I remember one time I think it was the last show or we probably the last two shit happened one lawsuit it was a mechanical scene and do

you remember I never saw it but I remember because Amy and Jackie were crying it was just a bit when I come back with the in was because Francis no that's not apparent oldest three where is it oh yeah well I can't remember that I remember it so

clearly actually face with me so we're doing this we're in the scene where we like rehearsing the play and Francis had that little dog in the latest seemed in me and it had the second dog we had that we got four until I've had a little like almost

like tiny pink Barbie comb and to use it in the sort of place the last person to be seen and it was funny hahaha then on the last shot the seconds of our show he comes out and we all were having the play-doh blow hands gone off to

get his ears we turn and we had this moment where me and Amy would look to him how is it what's Jemaine what's your line you say something and we would check in the pronunciation and we turn to Francis we're like oh is that right and Francis gets

out the tiny pink Barbie came out his pocket and just start screaming his head a bit like yeah yeah that's right definitely in our faces I always cause absolutely cry I was just laughing fully laughing me a name you're crying and we had to go like my head

was like inside myself what what killed me was that when I came back they're supposed to be terrified because I've got the donkeys and Amy Jim like tears in their eyes streaming down their face and I had no idea what was I just saw in your eyes did

you really keep going what keep then but they won't be membrane Alphonsus all of us lost or something on them yeah I thought I'm gonna put in a shift it worked so yeah it definitely worked because there was no fear those in the mechanical way it was just

pure laughter amy was like become like she was done there was nothing left I was the first cause I think after the press that was then I relaxed a bit because I wasn't really worried about you know doing it right and we're having an argument and you do

and the wall bit and you were looking at me like that and I just I just felt it I just absolutely like my lips started quivering I was like well that was the thing with the stairs though because I like I wonder funny remembers this the stairs on

the whole would always be we'd always be moving and I remember there was like a matinee show where lovers are coming on for the wedding and Holly and Gwen Aurora on stage before the play within the play and I kind of skip up the stairs with these two

glasses of champagne be monk oh yeah kind of home straight now trip on the last step completely stack all the champagne goes everywhere and the look that Ollie gave me a fat no nothing you hadn't you had the perfect line that was descripted that was primed to just

take the mick out of me and I remember just looking around the auditorium and there not a single person was like that was going to happen every one year and I was just like the amount of like dangerous situations where someone has fallen we've messed something up and

everyone goes oh yeah I think that was positive you had a couple remember that time Isis's dress just wouldn't I remember giving her the blazer and the people who were on my side of the audience that obviously seemed that the back of her dress was open I returned

again this is very kind of like stern old lady who hadn't really laughed at any of the jokes she turned to me gave me a very Curt not respectful nice one and I was like that's all good all good many times when you guys the entrance when you

guys came on after me in gwendlyn I just got married and you went that time and you tripped up the stairs and something always seems to go wrong it was a really quick change and then you fall ran up the stairs and for one reason or other you

look massively panicked all the time yeah yeah I remember there was one where it was like here come the lovers and I was the only one there yeah I was like lover the other three year on their way yeah like yeah there was always something with that change

because we had to like it really quickly obviously getting the wedding gear that girls get into the dresses and we had to get into our suits me and Paul but we were sad to get rid of all the blood and the muck from before and Pam's had that

one speech kind of bottoms dream to let us do that and I was always just like I meant take an extra beat please just please today but you know we got really quick at it but at first everything all the quick changes for everyone must been a massive

struggle because so is such a quick journey the m1 also like coming through the audience like one of my favorite things man to be maybe Amy Jermaine or me Amy and Lenin you know we have to come for the audience to go up on the lift for the

second mechanical scene we acts like comfort we have to come through when Kip and Isis were finishing off their scene okay kit leaves and Isis is left and I'm on log and it's really serious monologue and she's looking right forward where KITT was but he's left now and

she's looking forward like further says its line like hello where are you where are you ever is but in more shakes there and then I'm all the audience would turn to see if it was still there or if like always keep then and they were all turn and

we'd all be me Amy Lenin or me Amy's name would be standing in a row and everyone returned to that's like this and it'll just be us going so after a while I started also also looking which confuses people which I'd be like we be also looking because

otherwise this is us what a wall of people eternally look at us and we were like Lucy wind right boiler seats your soul oh yeah so awkward and they would turns looking for you and then see me yeah there was there was one in particular though that I

can't remember it was one time that I was on and a lot of people looked and it was just a weird better the show because when we went on to get onto the platforms there was just a random kid she on the side of the stage and it

was there for the whole sing until this until the list started going up so there was just this kid she and he was there trying to pull about the whole time and then they were getting moved at the same time so all you could see was this little

kid hopping with one food and one sock and it was the funniest in it because that thought just got me for the rest of the same I think it was like one of the first times I was ever on for it and I was nervous and that it

just broke me I was just laughing the whole way through it there was a moment before they before they interval where I'm on the bed and we're surrounded by the fairies and Sharla you had just done something that cracked me up because that seemed as always I've always

always find that seem quite difficult because because once you've seen a lot of stuff alone Charlotte must have done I don't know Jane what's it done so into you and you must have done so but I must have clocked it you know what to say I just stared

at me like [Music] be behind lennox head okay and just stare directly at me for that whole bit so I think I was bad I did not remember to do a whole song as well yeah it was jumbled there are so many like funny things that happened as

a result of one of us kind of like slightly messing up or doing something different but one of the things that I'm kind of like realizing now is quite how much that audience made it because they and the things that they did like I remember there was one

show where they were particularly involved and quite early on when they had the sequence of the lovers running away I jump off the bunk beds and take the guitar and jump into the audience and I remember on a couple occasions it's always be someone who would reach out

and grab my arm and say good luck and I always like oh well thank you but also I've really gotta be somewhere and and those same people would be the ones that like I always remember David kind of coming down and having to do this spell on me

for the first time and then whatever those that kind of input those improvised moments with David's talking to the audience getting them to move I'd always be laughing while pretending to be asleep be like move or just saying the wrong spell oh you did that – yeah yeah

there was one show where you gave me the same spell twice and I was like so my still under Lyell and it was great yeah I remember one of mine this is maybe not one of my favorite Marlin but it reminded me of there when this was started

probably one of the most embarrassing for me I remember in the first dream with chick or doing that sort of 30 geolock that we had furry gobbling – along remember that and as a result I had to sort of do a sort of weird cat-like sort of climb

over Gwendolen obey and sort of do some weird probably not very appropriate moves to try and look um that was certainly my most embarrassing moment is just reminded me of a moment that really stands out I really remember which involves uiview at Miami saying about with that with

the Theseus over on reveal when I'm standing on the bed with these pajamas which are all velcroed and they rip off and reveal this magnificent green and gold jacket no broad costume but because the audience in the size of this we were all we were all miked up

obviously we already Mike's running through our microphones running through our hair with wire ran through a flips at about five clips through the back and the wire ran down the back of my neck and I was standing on the back of one show chip I grabbed the collar

of the pajamas and grab the microphone and I he yanked the pajamas away rip the microphone or the grips out and this huge scene with massive long speech [Laughter] I'm gonna highlight is just watching in the love I see often on the screen because I hit list it's

so cool the berries just always looked like they were floating and it was so amazing and there's a cool bit there's loads of there's a really cool bit where J is kind of is holding a tall like weight like a flagpole in a cap thing and he's like

moving his legs and he's just like it's flying and everyone's doing all of these moves but it just always looked so effortless and then they you find out like someone had injury they were like it was just through the scene and I was like you know yeah it's

one of the things Arielle like every single time you go onto aerial equipment it you never know what's gonna happen like I had the bed beside me in the interval and random times I'll just smack my head off it or hit my food off and you have to

carry on or the time that you got you know wrapped up Charlotte but just random there's just random moments that you just didn't know we're gonna happen like that time we were doing up on top and then all the silks started coming during early and we were all

there like what's happening and yeah this is one of those things you kind of just have to constantly keep I felt so bad for the audience because I was like you guys have missed it out you don't know it now they'll never see it such a shame and

how many how many somersaults did you get to David in the end sorry I was just unmuted myself and I think you know I can't remember I feel like it was its third taste that random thing I think it was definitely over 25 it was a and I

think I have suffered permanent damage from that Sherlock definitely damage to my spine lot of emotional damage but it was all worth it it was all worth well no probably not I don't think I could go straight back into sort of doing all those somersaults I've been back

a few times with learning learning I sort of went membership and we're back we learn in and tried to do it um amongst other things like getting busy doing other stuff I tried to keep it up and I've kept up some of the stuff so that hot flirt

like fitness stuff so I can hopefully sort of when were three they get back to being in the ER but I'd never go up being upside down in a tree either we come a common or you know now you can practice in a tree and try this very

Park like yeah very planned like indeed please everyone is everyone excited about the screening yeah yeah I kind of want to see it I've seen it I have not seen it yeah it's so good they they did such a good job of like capturing it I thought it

was I love doing I thought I was gonna hate it I went to to them alone hmm like grudgingly but I did I loved it it was great so it's it I it's the version where David is like move and then it's like says Londoners and then the

guy shouts like goes I'm Irish that's the that's the version that they recorded so it gets me every single time and I forget that like in the interval because obscene the interval people could buy flower crowns and all the kind of merch and all that but then for

the recording they just gave them all out thing you get as much color into the into the room and I remember when we all came on as the lovers the kind of big lovers argument coming out and just seeing a sea of purple I'm slightly kind of going

oh my god what's going on like glitching out but everyone kind of I think I think we got really lucky with the audience we had that night because everyone was kind of really really up for it and I think some people probably bought tickets knowing that it was

going to be part of the recording I mean if you look very closely you will see each and every one of my family members several times in that recording because they're all there and they won't know where to stand so if you look closer you'll see them enjoying

it but I think yeah I think we got really kind of lucky with the winter the responses like him on the whole yeah it's been amazing it's been incredible like this or was there wasn't a lack of petition to get on yeah still is there still a petition

to get it onto DVD I love that really yeah that's brilliant but yeah man exciting times I'm excited I had never seen it so holla happy that's it right I will stop now you

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