If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you spend a lot of time in the heat of the sun. But in the high heat of summer you need to be careful. Excessive heat from the sun can cause an array of heat-related illness including cramps, rashes, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke which could be life-threatening. The sun’s ultraviolet waves can penetrate and damage the skin. Ordinary sun hats do provide some respite, but it is important to note that these hats absorb the sun’s radiant heat.

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Andy Birutis, Co-founder and CEO of Alchemi Labs

Alchemi Labs believes that they have created a solution to this problem with their new, patent pending creation Alchemi Sun Hats. Utilizing a radiant barrier, these hats are capable of reflecting up to 80% of the heat waves from the sun instead of absorbing it.

Alchemi Sun Hats can also block 99.8% of skin damaging UV rays with a tested UPF that exceeds 800. Alchemi Labs has created a state-of-the-art production technique where the radiant barrier material is laminated to a soft and thin polyester fabric. This technique ensures functionality as well as comfort for the users.

The radiant barrier technology is nothing new and has been used extensively in the space industry. In order to protect the astronauts from extreme heat, space crafts and space suits utilize different types of radiant barriers. Alchemi Sun Hats ensure maximum heat reflective performance by exposing the radiant barrier material directly to the sun’s heat waves. A wide nylon mesh has also been used to protect the radiant barrier from damage.

In addition to the radiant barriers, Alchemi Labs has also used specially designed moisture wicking sweatbands in their sun hats. In combination with an advanced ventilation technique, these sweatbands keep users cooler and more comfortable. The sweatbands pull the moisture away from the users’ skin and ensure their evaporation into the atmosphere. Hats remain cooler inside because of the airflow.

Alchemi Labs has field tested the hats in some of the hottest regions of the planet. Alchemi Labs has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to start manufacturing and distributing Alchemi Sun Hats.

To find out more about this campaign and back the project, please visit https://igg.me/at/alchemilabs/x/9551600




AlchemiLabs-A no-backgroundAlchemi Labs is an “Apparel Technology” company committed to the creation of innovative, high performance products for outdoor enthusiasts. They are all about making products that people will love utilizing science, technology, and perhaps a little magic. The founders of Alchemi Labs are all highly experienced and passionate consumer products professionals.

Learn more at http://www.alchemilabs.com. You can also visit Alchemi Labs on Facebook or Twitter and Instagram at @Alchemilabs


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