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hello this is chef john from food wishescomma with All American barbecue sauce that's right I am very excited to beshowing you my take on America's most popular style of barbecue sauce which ofcourse originated in and around Kansas City and I really do believe that if theaverage person knew

just how easy and simple and incredibly fast this was tomake it home they would still buy it at the store but thank goodness you're notaverage because after you make a batch of this and taste just how incredible itis I don't think you will ever buy that stuff from

the store again so with thatlet's go have you started with some ketchup which is the base ingredient forthis style of sauce which is why if you can try to use a good one and Igenerally go for the non corn syrup version of America's most popular brandand then to

our ketchup base we have to add our sweeteners and I like to use twosome brown sugar and then the thing that makes brown sugar brown which would besome dark molasses which is never not beautiful and then to balance all thatsweetness we need some tankyness which is why we

will pour in a whole bunch ofwhite distilled vinegar which is nice and high in acidity but neutral inflavor and then once that's in there we'll go ahead and add our powderedpeppers which will include some smoked paprika or regular paprika some chilipowder and of course some cayenne and how

much depends on how spicy you wantthis and then finally some freshly ground black pepper and then we willfinish this up with the spices which for me are going to be some allspice whichtastes like all spices plus a little bit of coriander which by the way is thespice that

makes pastrami taste so good and then lastly we will finish with alittle bit of cumin and that is going to be it for me and then we'll simply takea whisk and give this a very thorough mixing so yes compared to a lot ofbarbecue sauces a relatively short ingredient

list okay one of the bigreasons people prefer this stuff from the store – somebody's homemade sauce isthat the home versions tend to overdo with the spicing and I don't meanspiciness I mean the spices like mace and cinnamon and a bunch of other stuffpeople put in whereas your average

store-bought sauce tends to be much moresubtly spiced and well balanced but having said that you go ahead andadd in whatever spices you want I mean you guys are after all the bosses ofyour barbecue sauces so taste and tweak as you see fit and that's it once thisis mixed

up it's done and does not need to be cooked I mean you can if you wantbut generally this is gonna get heated through when you serve it for examplewhen you brush them on those ribs to glaze them when you're grilling so Idon't cook this sauce but what I

do like to do time permitting is wrap it up andlet it sit in the fridge for a day or two to give all those flavors time todevelop which point is ready to use for things like pulled pork sliders which isa great delivery system to judge any barbecue sauce

okay a smoked and pulledpork shoulder has a relatively neutral flavor which allows you to really tastewhat's going on with your sauce and what's going on with this one I think isa perfect balance between sweet and tangy which of course you can alsoadjust to your taste by altering the

amounts of the sweetener and vinegar butif you do enjoy those very popular Kansas city-style sauces from the storeI really think you're gonna love this and of course if you wanted to tastethat on something a little less neutral I find it absolutely fantastic on somehighly seasoned ribs like these

amazing salt and pepper ribs which I am going toshow you how to make an upcoming video very soon since those really wereabsolutely stunning and of course you'd want to just keep your fancy homemadeBBQ sauce in a bowl which is why you can always funnel it into a squeeze

bottleand I keep that in the fridge until you're ready to use it although in thebarbecue joints they don't refrigerate the sauce and you probably don't need tosince it has such a high sugar and acid content but anyway that's where I keepmine until I need to pull it out

and squeeze it over some salt and pepperribs did I mention those are coming up soplease stay tuned for those but in the meantime I really do hope you give thisall-american barbecue sauce a try soon so please follow the links below for theingredient amounts a printable written recipe a

much more info as usual and isall we enjoy you

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