If you’ve ever groaned as you turned off your 6am alarm clock, ever cursed the world as you sit bumper to bumper during your ever lengthier commute, or ever returned home in the evening just to think, “please, don’t let tomorrow be like this”, then you might have also found yourself fantasizing about the the lifestyle that only a privileged percentage currently live: working from home.

Before we begin, we have bad and good news. The bad news is that having a home-based business is nearly as good as it sounds; this article will not make your current job any easier. The good news is that is has never been easier to set one up. So if you feel sufficiently inspired, there’s a way to turn the dream into a reality!

Benefits Home-Based 1
Source: Pixabay.com

Source: Pixabay.com

Benefit #1: Pajamas

No, you don’t get given a pair of pajamas as soon as you declare yourself to be someone who works from home. But maybe you should, because they’ll likely become a significant part of your wardrobe. In the morning, when people are rushing through breakfast and making sure their tie is straight, you can sitting in your pajamas catching up on your emails. For millions of workers across the country, that is a one sentence description of what the perfect job would entail.

OK, it’s not all about pajamas – but they do represent a broader theme: freedom. You don’t need go through the usual morning routines if you don’t want to. Wear a suit, wear pajamas, go for a run at 6am or have a leisurely coffee and breakfast, the choice is yours.

Benefit #2: Keep Your Money

Set up a home-based business and you’ll soon notice something that probably should be commonplace: the harder you work, the money you make. It’s that simple. In a traditional employee role, your function is to make money for your employer. In this arrangement, you’re making money for yourself. This also offers an incentive for you to work as hard as you can to make your new business a success, which also comes with another reward: the satisfaction of hard work.

Benefits Home-Based 2
Source: Pixabay.com

Benefit #3: Save Money

Besides all those pajama sets you’ll be buying, you’ll actually find that turning your home into your office is a brilliant way to save money on a day to day business. For starters, there’s the obvious one –  you will not need to pay high rental fees for an office or premises elsewhere. But then there is also all the other daily expenses that accrue during a regular working day in the office, such as coffee breaks, daily lunches, and the gas fare to and from your home. Basing your business in your home gives you greater control over these factors and can end up saving you more money than you might expect. Think of how much you spend on gas, food, and other sundries as you’re out and about at the office and multiply it by 52 – you might be surprised how much this actually costs you!

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