Startups cities are growing worldwide, from across Europe, through the USA, Asia and Australia and with rapid developments in the technological landscape and also the digital landscape industries in these areas of the world are thriving better than they have done in previous years. In fact, governments worldwide are taking startups more serious, with their support through grants and tax breaks, and other incentives this is a strong boost for more startups and helps local areas in these locations too.

With that in mind, it is time to explore which cities are the best locations for startups. The Towergate Insurance Startup City Guide looks at some of the most popular cities around the world and examines how they companies are supported through schemes, incentives and initiatives, as well as analyses the co-woking office space, estimated office rent, corporate tax rates and the number of registered startup companies.

Take a look below at the San Francisco Bay Area, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vancouver, NYC, Sydney and Singapore.


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