Men, time to move over! Women are taking over the driver’s seat — 80 percent of car buying decisions today are up to females. With that buying power, it’s important for women to stop being taken for rides in the car-shopping experience. That’s why Ruby Davis founded, and self-funded dubbed America’s #1 car website for women.

After her own intimidating experiences by pushy car salesmen, Ruby committed to creating a helpful resource with a trustworthy voice that would empower women navigating the car market. Self-funding the business, is dedicated to helping women searching for their next vehicle to navigate efficiently the tricky and often intimidating car-buying process. The site offers honest, informative car reviews, advice about auto financing and insurance, and other helpful tools for women to choose the right car and make well-informed decisions.

Since Ruby was very young, she always loved cars, often attending car shows, car events and driving courses. She found herself consistently disappointed at the lack of females in the car industry, and understood it to essentially be a boys’ club. Ruby created ChickDriven to break down those barriers. “There are so many women who enjoy cars and I want to end the boys club environment, and make it welcoming for everyone,” says Davis.

Ruby Davis, Founder of

Davis’ experience as a first-time car buyer left her feeling like she was taken for a ride. “I purchased a car with all the glitz and glamour and thought I had an amazing deal but was delivered the basic package at a premium price. I think car salesmen see a woman and assume it’ll be easy to take advantage of her,” says Davis.

“ChickDriven empowers women like me to make informed decisions about what car to buy and how much they should pay for it. It’s important to maintain an authentically female point of view that understands and acknowledges that women have different priorities, objectives, and challenges than men when it comes to buying a car,” she adds. offers content, reviews and partnership opportunities; the site is also an effective way for automotive manufacturers to capture the attention of the all-important female market. ChickDriven’s advertising solutions include customized content creation to ensure that marketers’ messages are relevant and resonant with its audience.

Ruby is currently focused on producing a lot of video content. Her video content is fun and incorporates fashion and cars so both male and females can enjoy it. She takes out all the jargon and just makes it lighthearted, fun and refreshing. “Cars are treated as such serious objects, but to me, they are accessories,” Davis says. “You choose the color, the trim and everything else so why not have fun with it?” HBM

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