Celebrate Star Wars Day At Home – May The 4th & Revenge Of The 5th – Bantha Blue Milk Recipe & More!

hey guys Miho supersorrell thank youvery much tune in its Star Wars day coming up and on may the fourth nonliebe go out we find some exclusive action figures and we bring those backand we have fun with them but this year's a little different we're lockedin doors we're under lockdown with avoiding goingoutside and saving the NHS and all that good stuff so this year it's a littledifferent for us all and we're going to celebrate Star Wars indoors but thatdoesn't mean Star Wars day is canceled there's still so much fun you guys canhave at home and I want to take this video as an opportunity to show you allthe cool Star Wars lore and I'm gonna have this year in my own home with myfamily so let's get on with today's video and let's show you all the goodstuff that we're gonna be in up to so we're gonna be doing some we're gonnamake some a blue milk and I'm going to show you the recipe that I use for myblue milk we're gonna gamble for the Millennium Falcon in a game of sabaccwe're gonna have read some Star Wars comics and I'll recommend which ones Iprefer to read this time of year we've got Chewie for up jacks and their recipefor those and we're gonna have a go at making a Star Wars jelly in the miniCarbonite Han Solo mold and of course it's not Star Wars day without somemovies so let's get on with today's video and the first thing that makesTowers day fun for us so it's not Star Wars day without listening to a littlebit of music and there's no better thing right now that on YouTube because theWalt Disney World and Disney Parks have put the entirety of Olga's Cantinaplaylists on YouTube that music you're hearing right now is straight from DJRex sent to us across their galaxy and it's such a fun playlist is about 12 or13 songs on that all ad-free and they're just really nice songs and they justflow together and gives you the atmosphere of being in a cantina nowyesterday me and my family had a game of sabacc and you know what we played thistune while we were playing it right or all the footageso this right here is the Han Solo a card game brought to you by Hasbro andit is known in estella's universe us a buck I believe and this is part ofHasbro's gaming on a part of release that Han Solo moving and this card gamesa lot of fun is the closest to zero that wins so every player gets dealt twocards at the beginning and the green cards are plus figures and the red cardsare – figures so as you can see right now I've got three cards of mine you canpick up another card if you want and discard a card and as it turned goes andthen you roll the dice and if they're dice Lund on two of the same icon theneverybody must discard their entire hand of cards as you see right now I have aplus ten and a minus seven giving us the difference of three so that means I amon a three and it's the closest to zero that wins the roll the dice I'm there toseparate icons so we're gonna keep the cards this term and you go around thetable and reveal who's got the best cards and the best person with thelowest to zero wins it's as easy as that one with the ending of Clone Wars and Iknow not a lot of people have tuned in to watch rebels before so I think is aperfect stepping point because of how Clone Wars ended it's a great time topick up this comic from Marvel it's the Kanan at Jerez comics it's about him asa child surviving orders 66 and how he became apart of the Rebel Alliance later on so this is a great step off comicespecially where the Clone Wars is ending so this is a perfect way ofcontinuing that story as well guys Missy soups are on me some chewy flapjacksbased on Chewbacca and the sash and things like that so let's take a look atthe baking that we did this week as this may the fourth is a little bit differentto the usual made the fall so we normally have memiso soup sorrel and soups all junior are gonna show you some surefire waysthat you could have a great Star Wars day in your ownhome first up we're making some Carbonite jelly we didn't have anyrandom colors except red so because Red Rock really but it's inside your HanSolo Carbonite mold so I'll show you more about that when it comes we'regonna make some Carbonite fries for dessert and soups or jr.

down here what are you making with more you'regonna make some flapjack yeah we're gonna make some chewy chews flapjackwe're gonna make it look like Chewbacca right way yeah and what I want now is aChewbacca make No so we're gonna vlog on stuff today as wemake these recipes and mrs.

supersorrell is gonna show you how to make them andwe'll talk you through the recipe so honey ovum is super sore so in what haveyou baked first our they I'm a fuck Jack and I tried my best to make him intoback-to-back is yes you see you got the is it the coloring of Chewbacca with thesash and then the white lines across it we tried to recreate as best we couldwith the white lines it wasn't easy to do with the icing but we managed to dosomething it looks it resembles chewy in my opinion if you're a star Wars fanyou'll get it yeah so I'm gonna go I'm gonna follow these now in the garden nono no damn birthdays death to Hearst is it your bacon Wowand what have you made Wow why won't I want make some Star Wars rather lightsabers Oh whose is that light saber at the top that big one who has the doublered light saber like that Damo yeah and who has a blue lightsaberWow ray and who has a green lightsaber Yodayeah and who has a single red lightsaber likethat one it was a red lightsaber daffy the they Darth Vader cool and who hasthe really pale blue one is that us so so so Catan oh wow yeah Sokka has areally pale blue lightsaber is too wide say was the chip yeah yeah it's littleshort when isn't it with the big blue one yeah all right do you enjoy bacon asa movie today no can you say alright guys our this isthe carbonized a completely wrong yeah let's try this again thank you thank you did it work where you can see a littlebit not my much share the mold thing that's the mold itself kinda doesn'twork kind of those kind of it either way patient needs some jelly so she's aboutB Kate my robots with cake is that your way of saying try something else today all right well I think it works let's gopink and blue milk right guys let's make some blue milk we make some bouncing allright now for Star Wars day so food processor willuse some dull Monte pineapple chunks in a juice so let's try and pulse withoutjuice in there nice fresh shrimp in there though I'm making a foot to peoplebecause I think sumo Junie want some blue Mel day yeahwe're gonna save enough so we can make some more another day and then we'regonna use some just ordinary milk we use the green top milks it's just a littlebit easier give it that blue tinge mix it now you ready about to get loud guys nice and easy but the style wasglass blue milk and finally guys it is the 40th anniversary of Empire StrikesBack so there's no better time to sit down with your family and rewatch thatepic movie Empire Strikes Back I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and hasgiven you a few ideas of things to do that you could still do at home thisthis um Star Wars day it is a little bit different guys but make sure you makesome blue milk make some snacks and enjoy Star Wars guys as always I'm yourhost supersorrell thank you very much for watching and may the force be withyou you.

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