COOLEST TIK TOK FOOD TRICKS AND HACKS || Viral Food Challenges by 123 GO!

Ever try this trick? Turns out, glue can do some crazy stuff to soda.

Let’s start shaking! Okay, it’s almost ready! Bella, let’s open mine first.

It’s like a big orange booger! Wow! I wanna play with it too! Gahh!! Looks like Kevin got you this time! But don’t worry, We’ve got plenty more food tricks coming at ya! Thank goodness it’s lunch time! I’ve been thinking about this sandwich for hours now! I could eat this stuff all day.

A little more won’t hurt! There we go.

Get ready, taste buds.

Things are about to get delicious.

Hey! You’re supposed to stay in there! I hate feeling all sticky.

Gah! I forgot I put those in there.

If you hate sandwich overflow, Try this hack! Put on the spread just like normal.

Then add the second piece of bread.

Then cut off all the crust.

With a fork, press down all the edges Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure.

Now take your little pouch And pop it into the toaster.

Once that’s done, Let it cool for a minute.

Then cut it down the middle.

And there you have it! Ah, spill free’s the way to be.

Careful, with that knife, Bella! Gah, this is impossible! The shelf’s all done! Hey, mind if I snag one of these? I wonder if I can put a spin on this… Woah! Gimme that peeler! Let’s speed this process up, shall we? Look at that thing go! Before you know it, the whole thing will be peeled! Looks pretty good, right? This hack saved me an hour! I sure wish I could go outside.

I hate being injured.

A yummy snack should pass the time! Oh, these are really salty.

My soda! It’s probably still cold! Gahh! Why’s it so far away? C’mon, I just want a sip! I’ve gotta have something handy that canhelp.

I forgot about these straws! I’ll just fashion my own device.

Okay, this should work.

Now just a few more straws… We have contact! And now we sip! This is a lazy person’s dream! Stuck at home for the afternoon? Then it’s time for a binge-a-thon! Haha! Hey! What happened to the power? C’mon… Well, we’re done watching TV.

Life without electricity sucks! Anyone’s butt falling asleep yet? Ommmmmmm At least we have good snacks.

Time to switch to something sweet.

I’m pretty good at that.

Check it out! Wow! Lemme try! Yes! Let’s do it to each other now.


Found it! I also found measuring tape.

You know how to make this more epic?! Things are about to get crazy.

Mmm! Perfect hit! Slides always make things more fun.

The answer’s five! I think… Okay, I need some brain food.

This thing’s fresh! But what do I cut it with? I’ll just do it myself.

GAHH! Stupid pineapple juice.

So much for that.

I’ll settle for a boring apple.


Ooh, a pineapple.

There we go! Who needs a knife When you can use this trick? Huh?! What kind of fruit sorcery is this? Who knew you could pull out chunks? This is genius, Bella! Thank goodness it’s friday! Where’d you get ice cream? Seriously, Bella? I just wanted a taste! Love ice cream and cookies? Then grab a sharp knife like this one And cut the top of the carton.

It’ll give you the perfect cut for the perfect ice cream sandwich! Someone order one of these? Come to mama! Mmm, the perfect bite.

Movie nights are awesome! As long as you have enough snacks.

Uh, here.

Am I in charge of refills now? Make Kevin do it.

You look really great tonight, Kevin.

I get it, you want a refill.

I’m gonna miss my favorite part.

What’s this? Nope This is what I want.

Hey! What’s wrong with this thing? Now what am I gonna do? Is there anything else good in here? I think I can work with these! For a fun snack, In a pan, Mix chocolate candy and popcorn kernels.

Then sit back and enjoy the show! The sugar and salt create a game-changingsnack! And once the kernels start popping, You know it’s almost ready.

Is the class cool yet? Then flip it right over! Pretty smooth, right? Still hungry? Dig right on in! Uh, Kevin? Think you’d use some of these food tricks? Share your new knowledge with your friendsand don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube channel for more awesome videos likethis one!.

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