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hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with crispy beer batter fish and chipsthat's right anybody can do a beer batter fish that stays crispy for a fewminutes but I'm sorry for me that is just not long enough okay not to soundtoo high-maintenance but I kind of want

my crispy fried fish to stay crispythroughout the entire eating process and by the way it's always a nice thing whenthe recipe that provides the best results also just happens to be theeasiest recipe which is the case here so with that let's go ahead and get startedwith our batter

and that's gonna begin with one cup of self-rising flour whichis nothing more than regular flour that's milled with baking powder andsalt and as usual I will tell you how to mix up your own in the blog post whichis super easy and only takes a second and then to

this flour we're also goingto add about two tablespoons of rice flour or if you want some other kind ofnon wheat flour okay some people like cornstarch some people like potatostarch which will also work but I like the rice flour and then last but notleast I'm also gonna add

in a little extra touch of baking powder and eventhough our self-rising flour already contains baking powder I do like to addjust a little bit more and that's it we'll take a whisk and give this a mixuntil we have everything thoroughly combined and that is now ready to finishoff

by stirring in our beer which by the way I'm going to wait to do until I'mready to use this and because one the secrets here is keeping the batter ascold as possible what we'll do is transfer these dry ingredients into thefreezer and we'll leave this in there until

we're ready to mix in our beer andthen once that's set we can move on to prep our fish and today I'll be usingsome beautiful frozen cod which I gently defrost it overnight in the fridge andif we are going to use frozen fish or any fish for that matter

we want to makesure to get it as dry as possible okay so use some paper towels and blot offany excess moisture and then what we'll do once our fish has been thawed anddried is possibly cut it down the middle to make to approximately one inch thickstrips sure we

could have just fried this as is but by cutting it not onlywill cook faster but we're also increasing our surface area which meansthat much more crispy coating and then what we'll do once that's cut is goahead and dust those in a little bit of seasoned rice flour befor

they go in the batter and what this is gonna do is absorb any of that lastmoisture on the surface and then once that's been lightly dusted and we shakeoff the excess what we'll do is transfer it onto some crinkled up foil and thisis just gonna serve as sort

of a drying rack for that fish okay so that's gonnalet some air circulate underneath and we will have less chance of a soggy bottomoh by the way I'm just seasoning with a little bit of salt but if you did wantto sneak in some spices like curry powder chili

powder etc this would be agreat step to do that but anyway we'll go ahead and dust our fish in the riceflour along with like I said any other seasonings we want and then because wewant to keep everything cold well transfer that into the fridge untilwe're ready to use

it and that's it once our fish is prepped in our oils hot wecan pull our dry ingredients either freezer and finish this batter off bypouring in some beer and for this I recommend a nice inexpensive lager styleokay I have one imported from Australia in large blue cans but

really any cheaplager is gonna work and that's because you're more affordable can beers aregonna be nice and light in color and taste not to mention have a nice highlevel of carbonation and all we're gonna do is whisk it enough until it's asthick or as thin as we want

okay so I'll start with a nice big splash and I'llgive it a stir and then I'll decide if I need more which I did and what I'm goingfor is something similar to a nice thick pancake batter all right keep in mindthe thicker the batter the thicker the coating

once it's fried and sincepersonally I want a nice thin crispy coating I tend to go for a thinnerbatter and I'm actually gonna grab a spoon so you can get a good look at whatI'm talking about okay so make it thicker if you want butI generally shoot for something

that's just gonna coat the fish and by the wayI mentioned keeping everything cold as a key so if you're not gonna use thisright away pop it in the fridge or keep it on a bowl of ice but I was starvingand ready to fry so I'm going to transfer

in two pieces of my nice colddry fish into the batter and then once those are nicely coated we'll go aheadand lift them out letting most but not all the batter drip off which plane wewill carefully transfer that into some 375 degree oil and by the way I did

thatfirst piece wrong because we don't want the oil splashing towards us so place itin like this so it splashes away from and then what we'll do after making surethose aren't sticking together let's let them fry for about three to four minutesor until they're crispy and beautifully golden brown

and there are some thingswe deep-fry that about halfway through we can kind of tip them and flip themover but fried fish isn't really one of themso don't worry about trying to turn them over they can just cook with that sameside down although sometimes to hedge my bets I

will give them a little dunkingfor a few seconds but anyway like I said we'll let those go for about three orfour minutes or until they look a little something like thisat which point we'll fish those out and let those drain for a few seconds onsome paper towel and

as you can hopefully see this recipe really doesproduce a gorgeous piece of fried fish which we will want to serve immediatelyon top of either some french fries which people in certain places call chips oron real actual chips and as you can see I've lined the bowl with some

newspaperand a little bit of an homage to actual fish and chipsspeaking of which because malt vinegar is often served with the fried fishI actually went with salt and vinegar potato chips and that's it before I tuckin I went ahead and tucked in a little bit of tartar sauce

in a wedge of lemonwhich is not traditional with regular fish and chips but is very very verytraditional with Western New York fish fries which is what I like topretend this is and by the time I did that it had been about 10 minutes is'scame out of the fryer

but it was still crispy as you'll hear when I bite oh yeah and what I find amazing withthis recipe is that we've achieved this level of Chris penis with such anincredibly thin coating I mean it's barely there in fact this might evenqualify as a low carb recipe oh

and by the way as I was taking this next bite Ithought to myself I'm gonna stop and take some pictures of the cross-sectionwhich is why you're about to see me pinch off a jagged piece of the coatingwhich as I was doing I realized would look weird on camera

so just something Iwanted to mention because that would have kept a few people up wondering whydid he pinch that fish dick and of course it's probably really obvious butI'll tell you anyway just because I use Cod for this doesn't mean you have toI mean you are after all

the Arthur Treacher's of what sea creatures thisfeatures and virtually any fish or seafood will work with this techniquebut anyway I went ahead and finished that first piece and I went ahead andgrabbed the second and even though it had been quite a while since this cameout of the fryer

it was still just as crispy as my first bite so I justabsolutely love this formula oh and let me give you a little tip here whetheryou're gonna use a tartar sauce or some other sauce you want to go ahead andapply that to each bite all right don't just

slop it all onthere at once otherwise everything is gonna get soggy all right so the methodwe want to use is the bite sauce white sauce white saucewhoop sorry it's actually the other way around it's sauce white sauce whitesauce white and that will help preserve the Chris penis but

anyway that's it myfavorite method for doing beer battered fish whether you're going to serve yourson regular chips or the British style potato chips which are actually frenchfries which are really actually Belgian fries but the point is no matter whatyou serve this on I really do hope you give

it a try soon so head over to foodwhich is calm for all the ingredient amounts of Martha as usual and as alwaysenjoy you you

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