Doug Ratner Success Story
Doug Ratner is the founder of I’d Rather Be With My Dog, a one-stop retail site that provides dog and cat inspired apparel and accessories.

Paleo Treats for Healthy Pups

Doug Ratner, founder of I’d Rather Be With My Dog, is not only an entrepreneur but also a guitarist and vocalist in the band Doug Ratner and the Watchmen. He operates a one-stop retail site committed to providing dog (and cat) inspired apparel and accessories to animal lovers worldwide as well as a full line of the first Paleo dog treats on the market.

The song, “Dogs,” was written by Ratner in February of 2013 as a potential track for his group’s latest album Run With Me. By tapping into his love of canines, Ratner began producing music videos for different animal shelters and humane society organizations across the country using “Dogs” as each video’s soundtrack. The response was so overwhelming that Ratner decided to take the plunge and form his own business. In order to support such charities directly, Ratner vowed to donate ten percent of the proceeds from to each group to help save lives.

Ratner’s primary customers are those who take pride in showing off how much they love their dogs and who are passionate about feeding their pets healthier treats. Social media is the best source for promoting his business as word of mouth is important in the pet community. According to Ratner, 99 percent of his customers are female.

“As more people learn about the benefits of feeding their pets Paleo treats and healthier foods, they are embracing it,” says Ratner. “Not only do dogs love them, but their human companions won’t feel guilty feeding them the treats as they are all natural. It’s a win-win situation!” The Dog Paleo treats are made in the USA, are grain and gluten-free, and also do not contain soy, dairy, or corn. Flavors are Duck, Venison, and Salmon Bites, and they support joint health, skin and coat health, digestive health, and more.

Working from home allows Ratner to connect with his biggest passions in life: music, animals, and people. In some bizarre way, this business combines all three. Ratner’s greatest achievements to date are having the opportunity to be on HSN and to have his apparel line in Macy’s. His long-term goals are to continue doing what he has been doing only with four or five more dogs to add to the family. Visit HBM

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