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How effective do you believe you communicate with others? Have you ever experienced someone completing a task for you totally different, than how you requested it to be done? How did you handle it? Did you speak with them and ask what made them complete the task differently, than you requested? One way to avoid these circumstances is to make sure you use effective communication by being clear about what you want so that the person understands what you expect.

There are many ways we interact with others; such as orally, in writing, our body language, and how we listen. Listening is a skill and when used well in interacting with people it helps you to have more successful conversations and results. However, let’s get back to how you can communicate a task to a team member or even family member in order to get them to perform the task to your expectations. Many of us probably have experienced someone finishing a job for us, which resulted in our dissatisfaction based on how it was done.

Communication Techniques

You may find the following communication techniques useful when you are speaking or giving written correspondence to someone to do tasks at work or home:

Be clear and concise about the responsibility you are delegating and what you expect the results to be. Be crystal-clear when giving instructions. One way to accomplish this is to use simplistic words and language when discussing the assignment and the end result, making sure the person can easily comprehend and has a vivid picture. Remember to treat them as you would want to be treated by being polite, considerate, grateful, and understanding.

Avoid assumptions by not leaving out any significant requirements. In other words, leave no room in which the person doing the tasks assumes or you assume that they understand the task and what is expected. Be sure they have clarity by allowing them to ask questions and you answering all of their questions.

Be encouraging and positive in your tone when relaying your message especially, if there are some requirements or expectations that you know may be uncomfortable for the person to perform. You should support and guide the person when appropriate and ensure they have what is needed to get the job done as requested.

Working with the person to develop SMART goals is one way of ensuring they are successful in achieving the task as required. In working together will allow both of you to discuss the task and outcome in further detail to ensure you are in agreement and that the task is achievable. As you may know the acronym SMART is as follows:





Time Based

In addition to the above mentioned you want to make sure that each SMART goal is being tracked in order to keep up with how the person is progressing for completing it on time and to address any issues if necessary.

Effective Communication in the Workplace and Home

Communicating effectively is important to your success when depending on others in helping you to get a job or responsibility accomplished. Ineffective and improper communication can cause different problems in both your personal and professional life. Learning effective communication in the workplace and home is a significant skill to possess for making organizations and households productive. Once you have developed the habit of collaborating effectively and positively, you will always need to be aware of and work on how you are practicing the skill so that you do not go back to using bad habits.

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