Elvis Presley Waco Texas Home of Eddie, Janice and Dana Fadal Part 1 of 2

[Music] friends this is Janice and Dana Fidel and Elvis this little girls looking at Elvis that's Janice this is their dad Eddie Fidel and that's Elvis kissing Janice check this out friends I have the four dolls is it for them okay so your dad your dad was a

we started out perfectly I didn't don't spit down but your dad was 84 they know oh y'all live in Waco Texas my remembering that right that's right okay you own a home that is an air B&B at this point right right okay and all of us stay at

your home yes tell me about that okay Elvis used to stay our home when Dana and I were just children years for 1956 fifty-eight the first time Elvis ever visited was in 56 after his concert and the heart of Texas Coliseum and dad went to the show he

had already met Elvis previously because he was a disc jockey in Dallas and he had met Elvis when Elvis is making his rounds to promote his records and when Elvis came to Waco to perform at the heart of Texas Coliseum dad went to the stage door and said

hey would you guys let me in to see Elvis I said no no can't do that sir and he said well I'm a friend and oh yeah sure you sure you are and he goes no I really am his friend and I said look everybody wants to be

Elvis's friend just go away you know daddy says just go ask him if he knows any Fidel so the cop is okay and he goes back and he talks to Elvis soon next thing dad knew Elvis was opening the state's door Eddie come on back you know so

he daddy went backstage stayed with them during the show after the show he said like you guys come to the house calls my mother up honey I'm bringing you know bunch of people over you know who knows what time it was 10:00 11:00 at night so they had

an impromptu party you know the members of the band came you know face was strapped at the top of the car and so this would have been bill blind study more than ten right okay remember that came over to the house I was just a little bitty thing

and some of our home movies you can see me dancing to the music but that not you it was asleep but daddy woke me up oh he did yeah yeah I had to be awake and mom dressed me up and a little cute little dress that I had

and it you know I'm tired but you know it's so funny even though I was so young I remember a very smoky room it was a special night because when had I ever been woken up in the middle of the night to put on a pretty dress and

dance you know so there was lab music playing there the house was filled with smoke my mom was running around getting food and dreams for all these different people I had some records playing records reply oh yeah and so Elvis is sitting in a chair and you can

see me like dancing next to him you know to the music so I have these really vague smokey memories of that night and so then a couple of years later Elvis's station to Fort Hood to go through his basic training before he ships off to Germany and he's

over our house constantly you know he's bringing his friends there all our army uniforms he brings his girlfriend Anita would and by then I'm a little bit older so remember a little bit more about those days yeah and I'm born by that time the first time he came

to 56 I was born in late July of 56 I hadn't been born yeah yeah well what's interesting is you have home movies from this that that can be seen on the Internet now I'm assuming they see them on YouTube I've seen them but I don't remember how

it song is it is that on yells website okay by the way okay I was gonna say you could have a little public service announcement yeah right okay way over the years both that started this when he was alive there were various people that asked him if that

could use the home movies that he had taken to either make a copy for themselves or do some little project with it and dad always graciously did that originally there was five of the small reels that fit in the eight millimeter cameras at the time he had him

spliced together on one reel so you could watch all five of them much more easily on a I guess it's a six seven inch reel whatever it is but after he passed of course we have it and we started doing the same thing letting various people have it

for various productions and there's usually pay us you know small amount and then promised that they would pay when they started selling whatever items which no but be that as it may there was a collector very well-known collector in Elvis world I will make his name right now

but he was very interested in buying the originals he loves to buy right and he offered us a very very good price for them we took them to him on a reel and he started studying it and he said these aren't the originals and he showed us exactly

how it was he's an expert and and indeed they weren't the originals they had been this was the copy a film copy made of the originals and all those years we thought they were the orig right so this was like you know we were just totally shocked so

someone out there has an original so if you have the originals email me I'll put the email down in the description area and we will get you in touch with them or at the end you'll see the website you can you can talk to them about it the

and when did your dad pass it was 1994 April 12th right so it would have been from 94 till now that somebody switched the real buddy wait assume that does dad I mean he was it was pretty sharp with that stuff you know that was his era was

also gonna bring up something about know your dad clearly was did work very well or he wouldn't have color film camera in the fifties you know he would have had the ability to make those home movies in the 50s that was not that was a luxury that most

people couldn't afford so clearly he was well it was a priority to him yeah come on these big reels of thirty-five millimeter and you would learn a reel and then when that one ran out you'd love the next yeah I used to set up in the projection booth

sometime when I needed babysitting yeah anyway he knew about film there I think cameras were important too so maybe that's why because we weren't really that well yeah the process of that was expensive you know the whole process was expensive so anyway the Elvis came into contact with

your dad I want someone to set this up because most people if they know this story they would be they would associate that Elvis time house with four hood with the army track but ELPS was pre-army at your house so talk about that okay and I you're definitely

the person so but that what you you have been I just talked about that that's all I remember okay but I'm saying that he met him they're invited into the house to party right and so okay so then let's fast-forward to a sport no time but did you

you didn't tell Dad described meeting Elvis when he was in the radio business before ever coming to the concert anyway that will be connected yeah dad was a DJ I think I said this and he worked for KRLD radio in Dallas and Elvis was making tours trying to

promote his records and dad and Elvis mad now I said hey would you play my record my dad played the record and he he came home and he told our mother you know well I just met Elvis since she Elvis Presley and she said that's how I knew

the stories here again yeah but so that was very early and that's his career and then you know he came to our home and they just kind of kept up with each other I guess whenever Ellis would be close by they would you know reconnect and of course

when Elvis then be you know came to 458 that you know our home became Elvis's home away from home and he was able to bring his friends and relax and his girlfriend at the time Anita Anita would a native wood and Elvis got to know some of the

Fidel family we had an uncle who had a barbecue pit in his backyard and Elvis wanted hamburgers one day and that said well I really don't have a good way to make a whole bunch of hamburgers would you mind going over to Louie my brother's house and Elvis

said no cuz he's met Louie one previously and Larry wasn't that impressed with Elvis which impressed Elvis Uncle Louie kind of walked in the door and Elvis was sitting you know sitting down and looked at him he goes where's Eddie you know and didn't even you know blink

an eye over Elvis and papa Louie Brandon wherever you know dad was and they had their conversation then he was out the door and so when he left he'd like to Elvis looked at or father – who was that oh that's my brother Louie you know so when

he asked Elvis later if he wanted to go to Louie's cells I almost felt very confident that he would become cool there you know nobody was gonna bother him so we went up a Louie's house and Elvis and all his buddies showed up his army buddies and Anita

and they set up you know they grilled all these barbecue all these hamburgers on uncle Louie's barbeque grill they had a big patio and they had records playing on the 45 record changer and everybody started dancing something Elvis danced with our cousin so the question is where is

uncle Louie's house it was on as well as on parent Avenue which is not far from because I'm wondering if that barbeque is still out there you know I actually drove by the house and I tried to see in the backyard recently in the last few years there's

a big privacy fence oh and then it starts fog on film we gotta figure though and so I'm sorry that was in the sign I was just plumb yeah we captured that take out those people probably have no idea that that happened it there that's that's something that

spa guy gets to do I get to knock on people's houses and go to you know and you usually get a great thrill Oh many always blows their mind so recently I was out and about and this lady came up to me and she said are you Janice

Fidel and I said yes and she said I've got funny all the stories Shelby you know and she her family lives close to the VA hospital in Waco she said one day somebody knocked on their door and the parents went to the door and it was Elvis Presley

and he said would y'all mind if I use your phone I was driving into Waco and my car ran out of gas and it's just right over here and I named my friend Eddie Fidel to come pick me up can I use your phone to call him and

I said sure and I just thought that was a really cool so I mean back before cellphones you would somebody store Deducer knows what yeah that's very cool yeah so you have the your dad and at home a room to the house am I remembering that right well

now here's mine okay so this is really yes but the house was built in 1924 dad's parents came through Ellis Island to the States around the turn of the you know 2 century 20th century from the Beirut Lebanon area and they did not speak English when they came

into Ellis Island they just signed X's dad that showed me the originals was that a while back but you know years ago but anyway so his parents well his father had a brother that had come to Waco Texas a year or so before was that Jim make it

was Jim but anyway and at the time you know this was around 1900 Texas was you know nothing like it is now Waco was actually a pretty good-sized City relative to Dallas and Houston and Waco the thought that the the news at the time was that Waco was

going to be opened from the coast via the Brazos River to be a major shipping tribution editors in and that never panned out but the brother had settled there and so my grandfather and you know and so in 1924 and bein from Lebanon they wanted to build it

that was some Mediterranean flair to it so they put the red tile roof it was red brick and had arches has changed a lot today just due to some structural issues with the foundation and then break falling off so on and so forth but anyway so it was

built in 24 and the original house to my understanding have it on the left side of it on the side of the house it had a porta – a a drive-in portico shade you could enter on the side of the house park in the yeah and come into

the house at some point before dad ever met Elvis he had made a small room out of it he had closed it and made it just an extra row and because they didn't really need to come inside the house there was the main parking area was in the

back where the garage was so when Elvis came and turned into a room already but it was smaller than it is today he did expand upon it years later I guess in the 1770s by the time the office was coming it was about a little over maybe half

the size of this today and what did they think in the blunt I'm not sure but after I was started to visit I was wanting to listen to records late at night you know and dad had a family that needed to sleep so this little room on the

side of the house was just perfect so dad found out that Elvis's favorite colors were pink and black so he installed some shelves painted him all pink and black put a nice stereo or I don't know mono stereo or a mano record changer HiFi in there and I

had a 45 changer and Woodstock the room with all the latest 45s Elvis didn't want to hear his own music he wanted to hear what everybody was listening to so dad would go to the record store disc records on 25th Street and buy all these 40 fighters that

were high you know and to have them stacked in there he also had Elvis's favorite little cigars that he liked to smoke I think they were cigarillos skinny cigars so we always had that and new 45s and then that was the room Elvis could go into they could

close the doors they could listen to music he could dance he could entertain his friends let's market research as well [Music]

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