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Which One Can Provide the Best Results for Your Business

If you’re operating a business that’s linked to email marketing, it usually means you’re spending a lot of time defending its title. Most people don’t buy things via email, and that’s usually because they can’t trust that the advertised product is good-quality. The good news is today’s modern start-ups don’t do that anymore. Technology has completely changed the way companies use marketing strategies to make their business famous. There’s a current battle between email and direct marketing. Some say email marketing is dead and that the future is all about direct mail marketing; others don’t agree. Direct mail is an excellent way of obtaining leads, thus encouraging customers to collect information (email addresses included) but also buy online.

Experts argue that it all depends on industry and business domain. Direct mail is still capable of offering palpable returns on investment, in spite of the fact that it might seem tougher to handle. Email marketing on the other hand, is a current trend. It’s also cheaper and a lot easier to measure and track.

Email marketing is a ROI champ

When it comes to obtaining great returns on investment, email marketing is better. But then again, the actual sum of money that you put into an email marketing or direct mail marketing campaign is not the sole consideration you need to take into account on your quest to deciding which is better. For instance, do you have any idea how much time was invested in creating the content? How dreadful it was to piece together the advertising campaigns? Many start-ups choose to do all this by themselves, and that takes time and effort.

Now there’s another thing you must consider, and that is whether or not your business type (that uses either direct mail or just email marketing) will affect your return on investment, and to what degree.

Adding a personal touch

How do you connect with potential customers via email? Is it possible to get their attention using the written word? It is important to connect with buyers on a more personal level for them to trust you and your product. A strong sales pitch that appeals to their sense will grab their attention without you having to knock on their doors in person. And yet we must admit that email marketing is not the same thing as door-to-door marketing. When potential customers read your email they might be dealing with all kinds of other things at the same time, and that can distract their attention.

We live in an age of multitasking where most people are distracted by what they see on their computers. That’s one of the main reasons unsolicited emails don’t get attention. Direct mail allows businesses to enter the lives of their potential customers provided that their sales pieces live up to their expectations. Forget all about fighting for a spot on the email space in a busy day because nobody will pay attention, and start focusing more on building a killer sales pitch for your customers. Let that sales pitch do all your work and your business will flourish.

Build trust

Considering that technology is incredibly advanced these days, it’s tough to build trust in the online environment. And yet there are online marketing techniques you can use to make others trust your business. Direct mail for instance, can be a lot more impressive than blank fishy mails. Stand out with a “lumpy mail package,” which is better described as a three-dimensional piece that emphasizes on the potential of your pitch. What’s even greater about it is that it’s intriguing.

Use different sizes, dimensions and shapes to pique people’s curiosity. And if that doesn’t work, include freebies to promote your product. Stickers, coasters, and pens given for free are a nice treat. Then again you can always offer something that’s characteristic to you business’s main objective. This will be enough to make potential customers curious. If they like the freebie, they’ll certainly be more interested to find out what else you can offer.

Direct mail marketing has great potential. Unlike email marketing which is rather cold and impersonal, direct marketing can provide better returns on your initial investment. It’s always a good idea to think outside the box and find a way to make your sales pitch different from you competitors.

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