Guttering is something that responsible homeowners deal with on a regular basis, because they know that keeping it in a good condition is an important part of protecting the home from water damage and flooding. Yet, shopping for guttering is something that most have not had to do yet. As gutters are designed to last a long time, replacing them is quite a rare task.

However, if you move into a new home and the gutters are clearly very worn or broken, you will need to find a suitable replacement. Or, if you’ve lived in a property for many years, you may need to upgrade the guttering to keep rainwater running efficiently, away from the foundations of the house.

If you need some help picking out the right gutters, read this handy guide to some of the most common styles and features.

Seamless Guttering is Superior

The first thing to think about when picking guttering in Melbourne is how much you want to spend. This is a product that rewards investment in quality. The finest option is seamless guttering, because it is usually fitted, on site, to the contours and shape of the home. It is significantly less likely to leak, but it is more expensive and it takes longer to install.

Sectional is a Cheaper Choice

For a quicker, more affordable option, stick with standard sectional guttering. It is more vulnerable to leaks and cracks than seamless guttering, but it is still designed to stay strong for a long time. The real issue is that sectional guttering has weak points where the individual sections come together. It remains a popular choice with homeowners though because it is very affordable and it can be fitted in just a couple of hours.

Picking the Right Material

There are a number of different materials that can be used to create guttering. In fact, the only one which you are discouraged from picking is wood. It is quite rare to see wooden gutters these days, as they cost a huge amount to maintain. They are generally only used on very special, architecturally significant buildings. Plastic and aluminium are the most popular choices, but aluminium is recommended, because plastic wears much faster.

K-Style versus Half-Round

The next thing to consider is whether you want k-style or half-round guttering. The former option is the one which most homeowners tend to choose for their properties. It mimics the look and shape of colonial style crown moulding, so it fits very well with modern houses. K style gutters are flat on one side, unlike half-round products which curve like a semi-circle. While K-style gutters are better at preventing blockages, half-round gutters are better at handling and directing large amounts of rainwater.

Choosing the Best Gutter Guards

Gutter guards and covers are designed to allow water to flow freely, but prevent leaves and other debris from accessing the pipes. This can make a huge difference to the health of guttering, because blockages put a lot of pressure on the plastic or metal. In fact, one of the main causes of water damage from gutters is obstructed pipes. As most gutter guards are very affordable, it is worth considering whether they could help keep pipes clean and clear. You can install them yourself and it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour to do so.

Keeping Your Gutters in Tip Top Condition

No matter what type of guttering you choose, it will need to be kept clean and in a healthy condition. Otherwise, you risk developing water damage around the foundations of your home. This happens when water is not directed away from the home in the proper manner. It pools around the foundations and starts to cause problems around your property.

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