Bassam Saf - Raleigh-Based Our Town American franchisee
Bassam Safi advanced from delivering pizzas to starting an Our Town America franchise, a mover direct mail marketing company.

Man Moves to America with a Dream and Becomes his Own Boss

Lebanese-American Bassam Safi came to America years ago without a college degree, little understanding of the English language, and a dream. He worked excruciatingly long hours making and delivering pizzas for a small Domino’s Pizza location just to make ends meet. However, he knew he was destined for more and his persistence has more than paid off. He has realized his dreams of business ownership with Our Town America, the nation’s premiere new mover marketing company.

Safi worked his way up the Domino’s corporate ladder for more than 15 years, eventually managing several locations as a district manager and area supervisor.   When he began exploring franchise opportunities for himself, he knew that brick and mortar businesses come with restrictions, such as a limited ability to dictate his own schedule and balance personal and career goals. That’s why flexibility, as well as convenience and low overhead, were the key catalysts that inspired Safi to start his own home-based Our Town America franchise in North Carolina.

For Safi, the ability to manage his time, as well as tend to his family’s priorities when needed, are primary advantages of working from home. Plus, it gives him the opportunity to involve his family in the business and help his kids develop the same kind of insatiable drive and determination that has made him successful.

As the owner of a new mover direct mail marketing company, Safi’s primary clients are businesses looking to gain new, loyal customers by welcoming and connecting with new movers in their community. In order to promote his franchise’s unique value proposition to these business owners, Safi attends networking events, offers incentives for referrals, markets his services online, sells directly with his own sales team and corporate appointment setters, and delivers offers to prospects via direct mail.

Safi loves working as the local Our Town America franchisee because it allows him to show his commitment to the community that has fueled his own success.   He makes a difference in the community by replenishing the sense of belonging for new families and helping local businesses grow and acquire new customers each and every month. A few years from now, Safi hopes to be helping others accomplish their goals of having a home-based business of their own. Visit HBM

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