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Hard work and passion are no longer enough for small business startup success!

Small business funding collapsed along with the rest of the financial system in 2008 and has never recovered. More than half of business owners report a lack of financing options and nearly a third say they may be pushed out of business for lack of startup funding.

As always happens in a free market, new solutions have emerged to overcome hurdles in the old way of doing things. A new model of business funding has been born, staged-funding through alternative finance.

This book is about that new model of business funding and how to start a business strategically.

You’ll learn first how to create a business plan from the executive summary through marketing and the financial projections that will impress investors. You’ll learn how to create a stellar business plan that will not only get you startup funding but will guide your business strategy.

We’ll then cover the four stages of business funding and real-world examples of entrepreneurs that have used the new model to create and drive their small business ideas.Each chapter includes detail on one of the four funding sources as well as how to get the best deals. You’ll get a comprehensive look at the advantages and limits of each stage and how to use each one successively to grow your business.

You’ll be able to set realistic goals for each stage of business funding as well as how to leverage your progress into the next stage.

As an investment analyst for a venture capital firm, I’ve seen exactly what it takes to build a business from the ground up and what you need to get funded. I’ve helped entrepreneurs detail their business plan to uncover the source of their competitive advantage and how to present their case for startup funding. As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve used this same process to raise money and get my own small business ideas off the ground. I want to share this with you to help you get started, get funded and go From Zero to Business.

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Learn How to Start a Business from the Business Plan through Startup Business Funding:

  • Seven business plan essentials and how to build a complete business strategy from startup to success (Pg 9)
  • The truth about government business grants and how to use business loans to jump-start your dream (Pg 37)
  • How to take your business idea to the crowd for funding and viral marketing (Pg 53)
  • How to find big money investors and how to rock your startup presentation (Pg 91)

Two Business Books in One, How to Create Your Business Plan and How to Get Startup Funding

The first part of the book gets you started creating a detailed business plan that will turn your small business idea into a workable business strategy. I share everything I’ve learned over the past twenty years in business, from the basics of business school to practical advice I learned working for a venture capital firm. You’ll learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes in entrepreneurship and how to start a business that will succeed. This isn’t a quick review of business plan essentials but a detailed look at the questions you need to ask before launching your startup.

After you’ve perfected your business strategy, I guide you through the four stages in the new model of business funding. You’ll learn the truth about government grants and why they’re a waste of time. Learn how to use startup business loans to get going and how to pay them off early with later funding stages. The chapter on business crowdfunding isn’t just for funding but to take your small business idea to the masses with viral marketing.

Learn how to turn your small business idea into a successful startup<

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