GENIUS KITCHEN BASICS FOR BEGINNERS || Funny DIY Kitchen Hacks by 123 Go! Gold

The cookies are done! Let's let these puppies cool off now.

Those look great Lana, they turned outpretty good! But they still need some freighting soit's a little ready who cares there you go this isn't right and can you really kick lids off bottles Wow could I do that only one way to findout what let's do this Oh what was that where'd this come from you missed itI did the cap kick challenge can I keep this let's warm it up first that way we can poke a stick through it cut off the end and you've got us backtoday and since I took the cap I'll take thebottle to go ahead and fill it up with the frosty once it's full screw the lid back on we do recycle ladies now to see if it actually worksyep it squeezes out perfectly no ugly globs here they're almost too pretty to eat look at these cool designs hey milks in the fridge but just becauseit's cold doesn't mean it hasn't spoiled this is the worst date everwas it that bad oh yeah this stuff's gross I'm gonna run to this door okay now all right I'm back with the goodsand I checked all the expiration dates that's what milks post it takes like Ohmind leading that out if you don't want it to spoil sprinkle in a bit of salt okay quite a bit of salt well that was the weirdest thing everyou can thank me later Vic okay let's go time for the most important meal of theday so good tastes fine to mehi Oh Lana big thank you for this trick time for a much-needed lunch break andtoday we're having spicy noodles didn't anyone tell you slurping food let's seeif Adam eats is loudly come to Papa can't use chopsticks like that I coulduse them too you know just just watch me we got this I'm going in whoaneed some help there Adam looks like you've never used these before you'remaking such a mess dude finally have a bite coming in yep almost there oh whata chump looks like he'll be eating with a fork forever way to be supportive keVwait a second give me that strongthings are about to get way easier but both chopsticks into both ends of thestraw they should meet in the middle if them still inserted bend this drawnhalf perfect let's get to eat with this extra tension you can pick up food waymore easily open widesuccess sure tastes good hey that was my straw we're on our – ofthis battle royale no time for snacks focus quick don't let go the controlleris that my phone got a hit pause sorry brohey what's up these it better be here when I get back what do you think I aman animal good and now I wait can have one marshmallow right come on have someself-control those pink ones are so sweet you won't notice if one's gone buteveryone knows you just can't eat one oh what a slippery slope you're on Kevinthere God no control I know I'll refill the ball so he won't notice brilliant you've got to be kidding me well I'm adead man stupid marshmellow goodness wait asecond I'll just stick it in the microwave why didn't I think of thisbefore whoa look at the size of that thingit's a marshmallow on steroids who could say no to a thing like this Adams gonnago nuts when he sees these all right the moment of truth has arrivedhere he comes act normal whoa did these grow while I was gonethey smell the same and think tastes the same too looks likeyou're off the hook keV my hands are all greasy from these chipsI'd better go wash them wait the table I should have known that whathappened now I gotta clean it up where do I begin time to get my handsdirty here the cereal is everywhere watch out for those toys in fact maybethese can make the job easier they do have wheels after all good thing I havethis thing handy put some hot glue on the top of the toy car really get a goodglob on there now stick it underneath the table leg do the same thing to therest of the legs make sure to let them each dry in between last one this lookspretty cool and the table won't ever tip over again gotta love wheels right now your movienights on the couch aren't as messy see nice and snug because no movie nightshould turn into cleaning night whoa this Mary Poppins chick is awesome yousure that's a good idea Adam look at this sticky mess all I wanted todo is to read and relax oh hey what's that duct tape doing there I have anidea for spill free lounging wrap the duct tape around the armrest and secureit around to itself and now you have a makeshift cup holder mug holder or anoodle holder whatever you use it for it makes for a spill free loungingexperience.

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