Look around.  Is your home office helping you be as productive as you could be?  Do you feel comfortable in your work space?  Does it reflect your personality and work style?  For many home business owners, these questions might seem trivial, or secondary – what’s most important is getting the work done.  True; but by really reflecting on your office space, and thinking about how best to incorporate the elements of organization, fit, and blend into this space, you improve your odds of achieving – and maintaining – success.

Most people who have a home business grow into their office space.  As they expand, they don’t take the time get organized, usually because they understandably are so focused on getting the work done that has to get done as quickly as possible now.  Many times, though, when home office owners have a moment to come up for air, they realize that their workspace is actually making them less productive, because there is no rhyme or reason to many of the furnishings and overall design of the space.

In these situations, it’s helpful to find an office furniture and design firm that can come to your space, really look at it, and help design a new working flow based on what you do, what you want, and what you need.  This process is really about getting organized – putting everything in its place and making sure there is a place for everything.  In the long run, these efforts save time and money, and help you become much more efficient.

Customized solutions that fit the space are also integral to a productive work environment.  Thankfully, more and more office furniture lines are taking into consideration more non-traditional office spaces, and are designing pieces that can literally be customized to the inch, allowing everything to fit perfectly.  Look for an office furniture business that can provide you with 3D/CAD computerized layouts to assist you in effectively designing your work space, taking into considerations any potential space limitations and working creatively around those limitations.

One option growing in popularity among offices of all shapes and sizes is the sit/stand desk.  This desk allows users the option of heeding the advice of those who warn of the health risks that may come from sitting for several hours every day and raising their workspace so that they can stand and work comfortably.  (This is also a great option for people who suffer from back issues.)  Conveniently, the desk lowers easily as well, offering a traditional seated work space for those times when sitting makes more sense or is more desirable.

Speaking of sitting, your chair should not be overlooked, and really could be considered your most important piece of furniture for your home office.  Buying a chair is like buying a pair of shoes:  you need to try different chairs out, determining which ergonomic features make sense for you and feeling how each chair fits your body.  Again, office furniture manufacturers are recognizing the importance of this item too, and are offering a multitude of options that fit a wide variety of spaces and budgets.

Finally, most owners of home businesses want an office space that blends in with, and complements, their home’s living space.  Again, options abound in terms of shapes, fabrics, colors, and styles; most office designers should be able to offer a home office line that seamlessly blends into the home’s other furnishings, while still reflecting the business at hand.  Many times getting rid of omnipresent and unsightly wiring makes a big difference; again, advances in office furniture technology have evolved into desks that offer integrative wiring.  With this feature, the user simply opens up a panel on the desk and plugs everything in there, keeping the wiring hidden and ensuring a clean look.

Home business owners have a great deal to stay busy with, and many make the choice that investing their time into the actual business far outweighs any good that could come from spending time thinking about their work space.  But by committing some attention to their home office, focusing specifically on what they need to do to get organized, make it fit, and blend with the rest of their home, they will be well on their way to more productive days ahead.

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