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It has been shown that working remotely can improve productivity, save your company money, and help create a better work-life balance. One in five people currently working in a traditional office setting would move from urban areas if given the chance to work remotely. While working from home or from a remote desktop might seem intimidating for some, technology and know-how can make this achievable and comfortable for anyone.

One of the most important things you will need is the right equipment. When you meet with your employer to discuss the possibility of a remote desktop, make sure you go over with your IT department what kind of hardware will be compatible with existing network. Hold off on buying that iPad until you are sure you can access your company’s email! Another point to keep in mind here is that since you will have a remote desktop, there is a possibility it will be mobile. If this is the case, it is important that your hardware be lightweight, long battery life, and portable. Three specific items to think about include a smartphone, a laptop and/or tablet, and a headset that will be compatible with your devices.

Being able to connect to your company’s network and to the internet anytime, anyplace is critical. This ensures that your company, clients, team, and employers can get in touch with you. Again, meet with your IT department and discuss the best options for your set up. If you are going to be working from home at least sometimes, you will need a broadband supplier who is reliable and does not have data transfer limitations. Make sure you text your connections before you begin working from your remote office, as you don’t want issues from day one. You also might want to consider having a fast 4G or 3G connection for your tablet/phone as well as having a mobile internet dongle for your laptop. Another option that many teleworkers are considering is using a monthly service like The Cloud for public WiFi use.

Having your IT department access your computer and fix any problems remotely is also important. You don’t want to have to drive to the office with your computer to get issues resolved.

Next, having all of your devices synched is crucial so bits of information aren’t scattered over different devices. Look into apps which push emails and information to your devices for you. Another option is a unified communication service. Though this you can contact colleagues with email, instant messenger, voice calls, video calls, etc.)

The last tip we for those working remotely is to stay in-touch with your team and be easily connectable at all times. This will ensure to your employer and colleagues that even though you are not at the office, you are working hard!

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