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Home based business is the dream of many. How do you work a regular paying job and survive in today's economy? Everything is so expensive: rent, gas, food, daycare, clothing, utilities, and the list goes on. It is tough and many of us turn to working more than one job in order to survive financially. What if you do not have the time to work a second job? What if you're married and have kids? Family time is important!

So what is the answer to the question? Running a home-based business in addition to your regular job is one way. But, how and what do you do? Where do you find the time? What are the costs? So many more questions arise that the initial exclusion of running a home based business might wear off and you are stuck with a simpler yet tougher decision … look for a second job.

Well, hopefully after reading this article and doing some further research you might see some simple, effective and real home based business opportunities.

The home based business opportunity that I want to relate to you hear today is the idea of ​​Affiliate Marketing. This is probably one of the easiest home based businesses to start up and it can be highly profitable. What is an affiliate marketer? An affiliate marketer is an individual who signs up with a company to act as their affiliate or sales rep. When they sign up, they are given the opportunity to review product and service lines and select those that they wish to market to the public. When a sale is made, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.

One of the best aspects of an affiliate marketer on the internet is that they do not have to handle money / orders or stock! All they have to do is get the information in the hands of potential buyers. When the sale is made, the company selling the product handles everything!

How awesome is that? Can you see yourself marketing a product online with your spare time (even if it is only 30 mins a day)? It does not take much time to get a home based business up and rolling in this way.

I personally make about $ 1000 per month as an affiliate marketer. My ultimate goal is to replace my day job with online profits, but that takes time. I would also like to add that to get to a level where I am, it took several months of dedication, persistence and research.

Stay tuned, my next few articles are going to be related to the hows and wheres of affiliate marketing! For example, I will show you what affiliates you can use to make money, ways in which to market, and do's and don'ts of affiliate marketing!

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