Home of the Future at CES 2020!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back to what's inside family I am dan and I'm at one of my favorite places to go every single year CES or Consumer Electronics Show and my goal while I'm here is to find the coolest tag or the weirdest tag every single year every

year one of my favorite booths is the lg booth and I was lucky enough this year to partner with LG to get exclusive access to the booth before it's even open to the public today I want to show you some of the actual amazing things that are in

the future maybe not even in the far distant future that LG is doing with their thank you technology the thinkyou technology is like an AI that knows your preferences and knows the things that you like and their model this year is anywhere is home so whether you're at

a restaurant driving in a car in your house it can connect all of those places so you feel like you're at home wherever you might go we're talking about home the first place you want to think of is the front door and this door is very very safe

and secure it has some features that I've never seen in a front door before it actually has the recognition and all blood vein recognition inside of your hand so that knows who you are and it lets you in the door [Music] check this out I take my hand

and place it up there it recognized it I push the handle and it opened by itself because it knows my face and it goes the veins in my hand your shirt when you look at it when it closes it shows a lot of information it's almost like having

a giant tablet on your door this thing is solid it's metal it's thick it's secure well what does that food was delivered what does that even mean well it has a ballet door for people like say Amazon deliveries or people are gonna deliver food they can put it

inside of the little refrigerator and set the food in there via access through that door there and put the package inside of there so when you get inside of your house you open it up get your packages out it's not outside you don't have to worry about mark

robber and his thief stealing package thing not only does this smart door look just beautiful but if somebody rings the doorbell you can click on the intercom button and then take a look at them refrigerators what's inside of your refrigerator well you could get a chop saw like

I have and cut your thing open or you can knock on it twice and look inside of it these are these LG insta views typically there's something that you wouldn't think of having an AI inside of it or the LG thank you but they're able to see the

things that you're deficient on are the things that you've already in and are low on and it will automatically order the things that you need and then when it's delivered it's automatically put inside of the door if you have the LG door also like everything is connected this

car is incredibly futuristic but the brains of it is the LG pink hue that connects everything within your life so say this is a shared ride that you're going to be taking to the movies with your family in the future if you're riding in a car with other

people safety and security is an important thing when it pulls up to you obviously you have your phone on you and knows that you're close by but as a fun safety measure for everybody involved why not have facial recognition complete it knows who I am by doing the

facial recognition it has the settings all set up in here there's some really cool features that I would love to have I mean can you imagine going in an uber or a lift you step into the car on the LG thank you those are show you're watching and

where you're at and it starts playing it on the TV that is directly across from you and there's your TV I don't want to listen to Justin Timberlake I don't know what I want to listen to that Havana Camila Cabello I like that song and change the music

but they had gesture and that happens with cameras that are right up here obviously in the future most cars will be autonomous hopefully they talk to each other you don't need a steering wheel you don't need a lookout in front of you these seats are turned 15 degrees

so instead of sitting awkwardly directly at somebody you are turned this way so this is kind of the area right in front of you that you want to be looking there's actually a refrigerator inside of this I like this see the ticket see is is crazy right say

you set a reservation at a restaurant and you're in this car and it's running late there's a lot of traffic it can automatically notify the restaurant that has think you built into it that you're going to be running late the whole idea is that you're taking the home

with you to the different places whether it's in your car or at a restaurant so this area is called Chloe's table and the idea is that it's a futuristic restaurant where you have robots that help you with a lot of different things yes it'll know your preferences of

the things you like to eat you can come in here it'll know your favorite meals it'll be preparing it for you you sit down the wait time shouldn't be too long behind me you're seeing these robots that are making pasta or making spaghetti I just kind of like

straining it mixing the stuff together that's the idea behind Chloe stable thank you technology integrated into restaurants into cars into everything my wife is notorious for buying multiple items of clothing that maybe don't fit necessarily and then she returns a bunch of them good AI somehow help you

to make that process of shopping for clothes a little more effective so you have less things that you're gonna return it's called think you fit collection you stand on this platform all body measurement is complete there you go you ever wanted to know Zach's measurements my favorite thing

is that we can actually you can try out now oh wow I feel like your shoulders and this chest area are a little bigger than the belly area but yes it's close we're working out camera technology all right Zach move for us oh wow I just changed the

outfit by attaching it oh the sleeves are going up what is this [Music] this is what Zach used to look like when he was 14 years old oh wait maybe a little darker color yeah okay let's go to that one I throw the picture right here exactly we

put the selfie in there view it's a nice graph you can go in and try on new clothes digitally and then once you find an outfit that you really really like for you or your kids you can actually order it on the screen and it'll beep deliver to

you this is the LG twins watch I'm not gonna do in laundry I'm actually pretty lazy I take my shirts and I throw them in here the AI is a thinkyou that's built into this is going to sense what type of fabric my clothes are and it's going

to decide what type of wash to put but then also it's going to weigh it and decide what type of detergent and how much to put in there so all I do is put it in there and walk away using data using AI using technology in the future

to be able to help your life be a little easier so you can focus on the time spending it with your family versus going and shopping and doing all this stuff I'm gonna buy you that exact sweater today thanks again to LG electronics for sponsoring this video and

giving me access to all of this Tech and let me know your thoughts what did you guys think about all of the LG tech side about where the future is going it's always good and style to wear a puffy marshmallow jacket with the sweater so I can see

it before I believe yeah and this is why cambrie dresses Zach and there's your TV

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