Ronnie Lee is the author and self-publisher of “The Book of Life: Existentialism, the Will and the Truth” and five other major books.

Achieving More than Ever Expected

Ronnie Lee first wanted to write a book when he was 24-years old working in Hong Kong. He carried this passion through his 20s and 30s. It wasn’t until Ronnie started writing philosophy papers that he realized he could write original poems from his theories.

One day, Ronnie was struck with the creative muse! Twenty minutes later he completed six poems. He started creating websites to

Within a few months, Ronnie’s first book, The Book Of Life: Existentialism, the Will and the Truth was published. He was ecstatic and, just like that, his life changed. For 13 years, Ronnie’s life was a constant struggle to be recognized and appreciated as a writer. Suddenly, he had achieved a goal that had been imprinted in his mind through sorrow and pain in his wonder years: showcase his work. But Ronnie still felt incomplete, unworthy, and sad. His websites and his poems were not well-known, or even publicly available. Even his family and friends were quiet about his writings.

Ronnie realized that he would forever be unhappy and unsatisfied unless he could find an established authority to support his writing and help him share his work with the world. But finding an establishment was difficult. He continued to look as he continued to write. Then in 2006, Ronnie stumbled across Outskirts Press (www.outskirtspress.com) for authors who want to self-publish.

Ronnie’s book was in his hands and available for purchase throughout the world on Amazon.com. It made him feel whole, complete, worthy, revived, excited and motivated to live his life happily, fully and more inspired. Ronnie became more prolific, too, with a renewed zest and love for writing.

Since Ronnie self-published his first book, he wrote and published numerous books with Outskirts Press. He is hoping to self-publish more books, and he is also planning an exhibition with other artists in Hong Kong. “By helping ourselves, we artists and writers can help others in society through inspiration and motivation from our words,” says Ronnie.

For Ronnie, self-publishing has made his life’s work honorable. “Self-publishing can help you live your dream of sharing your information, knowledge and life’s work with the world!” For two free self-publishing guides, visit http://outskirtspress.com/ebook. HBM

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