If you’ve already been in the world of work for a couple of decades or more, you’ll have seen some pretty major changes in the way things are done and the shape of the economy. Some of it can be unsettling – for example, permanent jobs are increasingly scarce, and business has been revolutionized by technology that was unthought of when you started out. On the other hand, individuals have more power than ever to work where they want and how they want. The tools to learn new skills are now manifold, so whether you find yourself out of a job and unsure what’s next or you just seek a fresh start, anything is possible.

In the States alone, the next eight years should see the creation of nearly 40,000 jobs in the relatively new discipline of web development. And the web itself means that more jobs yet will be created all around the world. If you’re good with logic and numbers, or you have an engineer’s mind for creative solutions, becoming a web developer looks like a great option – particularly considering that the pay can be pretty rewarding. You may wind up working for a big organization, but there are also great opportunities to work freelance or to establish your own company.


If you’ve already run your own business, you’ll consider yourself a pretty resourceful and adaptable person, which will stand you in good stead for learning the skills you need to become a web developer. There are some great learning resources online, and of course the internet is the natural habitat for web developers – meaning there’s always a helping hand on the other end of an email or in one of the many coders’ forums.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this infographic, which lays out the basics of what is needed to make that leap into web development. Whatever your work history, your experience and enthusiasm could be put to productive, creative use in the world of websites, apps and games.


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