If you’re a regular visitor to Work-At-Home Success or listen to the podcast, you know that I believe your success in working at home starts with inventorying your skills, experiences, interests and passions. Nearly everyone I’ve talked to who works at home tapped into one of these areas to find or create their work-at-home situation. But once you have that list, how do you figure out what to do from home? This article will help you figure out how to turn your skills, experiences, interests and passions into work-at-home jobs or businesses.

There are 3 basic ways to make money from home:

1) Sell a product. You can sell products as part of a sales job or you can sell products you make.

2) Sell a service. Selling a service is done when you have a job, but can also be part of a home business.

3) Sell information. The previous two sell stuff or skills, where is in selling information you provide knowledge. This is most commonly seen in business, but can be part of a job like teaching.

For example, you can get a job as a virtual assistant or start your own virtual assistant business (selling skills). If your passion is gardening, you can get a job with a gardening business (writing, web design, consulting etc) or start you own home-based gardening business (landscaping, writing, product sales etc).

The first step is to choose some items from your list of skills, experiences, and interests and brainstorm money making ideas. What types of products, services or information is related to those topics? Using the gardening example you might come up with:

Gardening Products – sell products you make, sell products from others (wholesalers, used, direct sales companies), get sales job with gardening company.

Gardening Services – consulting, landscaping, support services for gardening business (ie VA, bookkeeping etc).

Gardening Information – ebooks, reports, etc on gardening topics, running a gardening business etc.

To get ideas on how your topic can make money, do a search on your favorite search engine. What kids of websites come up? What products, services or information are they selling regarding your product?

Start with the ideas that you are good at or really love. Working at home is hard work. It can be made easier by looking for or creating work that you already know how to do or that you’re really passionate about.

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