The ability for a business to grow into a successful organisation depends on its ability to develop a working system. The world’s most successful CEOs like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg trust their staff to develop systems that will allow the business to grow and evolve into a successful entity. Below are a few systems that should be successfully incorporated into a business’s growth strategy.

Sales and marketing process.

The success of your business depends on its ability to scale its growth. The sales and marketing process must be robust in order to create lead and sales opportunities for the business. Businesses marketing systems should do the following.

Attract qualified prospects in your target market.

It is essential that the business has a system that will attract a large pipeline of qualified leads. Businesses must be able to identify their ideal customer and find them in the market. Some of the methods that businesses can use to attract leads includes:

Prospecting for qualified leads.

This refers to conducting research to build up a database of potential customers that can be nurtured into buyers. Some of the top salespeople dedicate 20% of their time to prospecting every week. This yields them millions of dollars in sales every year. It is critical that the business development team in your business dedicates at least 20% of their time to prospecting activities for new clients.

Using inbound marketing tactics.

This refers to placing advertising messages in front of potential customers and having them take action to become an inbound lead. There are several ways to attract potential customers by using inbound marketing tactics. These include:

Google Adwords

People are already searching for products and services using keyword phrases on Google’s search engine. Your business may gain hundreds or thousands of new leads each month simply by advertising on Google.

Advertise in offline and web media.

Print ads, classifieds and display ads are available to generate inbound leads for your business. Aim to get exposure on platforms where there is an engaged audience that would be interested in your product offering.


The way that the business pitches its products, services and brand to potential customers will impact the business’s ability to close sales and the perception of its brand. The business must ensure the brand is pitched effectively through:

  • Its promise to deliver benefits to the customer.
  • That the customer will receive exactly what they expect.
  • That the customer will have a positive experience with the brand.

Point of sale.

Sales bring revenue and income to the business. The business needs to have effective points of sale to close more prospects into buyers. This can be achieved by:

  • Creating point of sale systems on the web. (For example, using PayPal or integrating web commerce platforms such as Worldpay).
  • By providing point of sales within the business’s premises. (Such as cash registers)
  • Allowing salespeople to conduct sales remotely. (Via mobile phones or using remote sales processes.)


You want to ensure that the growth of your business does not succumb to any breaches in security. Security issues such as internal and external theft, shrinkage and IT security breaches can cripple a business overnight. DIY security setups can leave too many areas exposed to criminal activity. It would be ideal for businesses to partner with an experienced security firm that can manage the day-to-day security monitoring and provide your business with security systems to keep would-be criminals at bay and give you the peace of mind to run your business confidently.

As businesses grow and evolve, more processes and systems are required to make the business operate more efficiently. Systemise the marketing and security for your business to get a head start on your entrepreneurial success.

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