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Do you love taking photos? Did you know you could earn extra income by doing what you love? If you have a digital camera, an Internet connection, and access to a photo editing software program you can make money selling photos online. Curious? Just read this article for voters on how to begin doing what you love.

The Internet has offered us a global marketplace at our fingertips where we can buy and sell anything at all, including photographs. There are stock photography websites where people who are in need of pictures for whatever reason can buy them. You can join in on the fun by uploading your very own pictures to these sites and letting people purchase them from you. Even simple pictures of a rose garden might bring in interested buyers.

Selecting a central theme for your pictures is fairly important. You want to attract the attention of the consumers and the only way you can is by uploading attractive, quality photographs. Using your imagination to present items in a different way is a great aid to success. The consumers who are looking to buy want to promote their specific product so that they want to find the best, most unique picture available. This means if you set up a picture to say something specific rather than just snapping whatever, you will have a better chance of making money.

Are you a photography novice? Taking photos as a hobby is a bit easier than when you want to market them from a professional perspective. Do some research beforehand to get the gist of what consumers are looking for before submitting any of your photos. There are a number of decent internet based guides that cover the entire process of selling your photographs online.

Once you have a grasp on what these sites want and what can sell, you can begin to upload your photos to these sites. There are different rules for each site, but most want you to upload in.jpg format. Be sure all of your photos are perfectly clear and of a high resolution You can not have any labels that show name brands or your photos will not be accepted. Do not forget, you can use photo editing software to remove these items and fix lighting and quality problems.

One thing that is often overlooked is giving the photos an original name. You should be careful to use words that are pertinent and relevant to the picture. Again, doing your homework here will really pay dividends later. Typical consumers use keywords to search for what they are looking for and you want to ensure your photos appear on the first page. Find pictures that are a little like yours and see what keywords are being used to describe them.

The most important aspect is the same as any other business – getting paid! Before offering pictures for sale, read over the contractual conditions featured by each photography site, which will provide you a good idea what percentage the site will withhold as their fee. Some stock photography sites will hold back as much as 50% of the selling price as their fee so you will definitely want to find a site that meets your needs.

A great idea would be to use more than one stock photography site so you can make even more money. The important thing is making sales, so obviously you increase your chances of earning a higher income by offering your photos through a number of different agencies.

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