A Home Business with No Rent or Overhead Expenses

Local Door Coupons used the power of social media (Instagram) to sell over 13 franchises and gross over $1 million in franchise sales. Home Business Magazine speaks with company owner Danny Nieves about the launch of the franchise and future growth projections.

HBM: Please explain the background and origin of your company.

Nieves: “In 2013, my partner Brian Tijerino and I created the business, Local Door Coupons, which streamlined, modernized version of a traditional advertising concept. The concept of our company skipped inboxes and street curbs, as Local Door Coupons distributes 15,000 high quality, perforated, UV protected door hangers per territory.”

HBM: Who are your current clients?

Nieves: “In the past year, we have expanded our client list from small mom and pop businesses to national brands such as Subway, GNC, Marcos Pizza, Edible Arrangements, Denny’s, and Smoothie King. This has been a blessing for our business. Of course, we pitch new business – but honestly – with the growth of our company, many companies reach out to us.”

HBM: Please explain your business model and how Local Door Coupon services its many clients.

Nieves: “Local Door Coupons clients’ simply have to choose the area that they would like their publication distributed, choose their advertising option, and Local Door Coupons simply handles the rest to promote their business and any specials or announcements.”

HBM: Do you have any plans for franchising?

Nieves: “After successfully overseeing the opening of various franchises across the United States in big cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Washington D.C, Oklahoma City, Toledo, Arlington and Los Angeles, and more. We are launching locations in Marietta, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Lancaster, CA soon as well. Local Door Coupons’ headquarters is projecting to expand their franchises to an impressive 25 total locations by the end of the fourth quarter and over 100 locations by the end of 2017.

Currently, we have over 2 dozen franchises. This month, we actually sold a 6 territory multi-unit deal.”

HBM: And you did all of this in three years? How was this possible?

Nieves: “Aside from our superior business model, we used the power of social media to get the word out about our business and to spread word to aspiring entrepreneurs about franchising opportunities. We ended up finding Jason Stone, who is a social media mogul and investor. He goes by the name of @millionaire_mentor on Instagram and has over 2,000,000 followers on that platform. His followers range from Fortune 500 CEOs to A-List celebrities to mom-and-pop business owners. Most of his content and posts revolve around entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, and investments – so a lot of his followers look at him for the answers.

We not only used him for his social media ability to get investors, but we made him an actual investor by giving him a substantial stake in the company. Since then, it has been a great partnership – as his promotion has generated us so many leads.”

HBM: Has the franchisees been successful once they are brought onboard?

Nieves: “As a franchisor, we allowed franchisees to reach out to local businesses within their exclusive territory to promote their products/services utilizing Door Coupons. New offerings/coupons are printed and delivered to homes within their territory monthly.”

HBM: Where is your company primarily headquartered?

Nieves: “Local Door Coupons, Headquartered in Miami, FL is a direct-to-consumer marketing system, founded in 2013 by a team of young entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in marketing, sales and hospitality.”

HBM: For aspiring entrepreneurs and franchisees, would you consider this a home business? Also, what support would they get with signing on to franchise Local Door Coupons?

Nieves: “Yes – we are a home-based business and therefore no investment for build-out or rent is necessary. Work from home with no overhead. Be your own boss.

With us you can enjoy: Low Initial Capital Investment, Easy Turn-Key System, Sales and Marketing Assistance, Training, Administrative Assistance, Business Development Support, and No overhead as this is a home based business with the potential for substantial income with high profits.

The Local Door Coupons Franchisees also seem to Enjoy sales and be Self-motivated and energetic, have a good business understanding, outgoing and enjoy being on the field and meeting people, feel satisfaction from helping local businesses succeed, have a background in business/or sales management (Not required, but preferred), and have the ability to follow a proven, easy turn-key system.

As a franchisee, you work with local businesses within your exclusive territory to promote their products/services utilizing our Door Coupons. New offerings/coupons are printed and delivered to homes within your territory monthly.”

HBM: How does the training process work?

Nieves: “The Local Door Coupons provides you with a comprehensive and multi-faceted training course which includes various hours of classroom setting training and many more hours of on the job training at one of our already established offices. We are committed to your success and for that reason we will not only be hosting training sessions at our headquarters, our staff travels out to your territory and guides you in introducing and obtaining your first few clients. You and your staff will also have complete access to our training and operational manuals as an on-going reference for operations. Support and assistance will be provided as needed.”

HBM: How much does it cost to start up a franchise with Local Door Coupons?

Nieves: “Typical startup costs range from $22,500 – $35,400. Candidates must have a minimum of $12,000 in liquid assets. Corporate can assist qualified candidates with third party financing.”

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