In this day and age of low-cost freelance services through sites like Fiverr and Elance, many consumers are expecting lower fees. As a result, some freelancers are stuck in a position of having to justify their fees. Here are some tips to help you stand by your fees.

1) Show your value. While you might not want to directly compare yourself to another resource, you can explain that your service offers more, faster or better compared to other services. Porsche and Civic are both cars, but each has it’s own benefit and value. Many businesses are the same. If you cost more than your competition, highlight what your prospect gets for that extra cost. Work to define it in client-centered benefits as opposed to features. For example, instead of saying you’re fast, tell the client they’ll have they work done within 24 hours.

2) Explain your fees. How did you come up with the number you did? Many clients don’t consider your expenses, overhead, cost of time and the value of your knowledge and experience. When I give client’s a quote, I break it down so they can see what I’m charging for different aspects of the project or service.

3. Share your success. Testimonials and references go a long way in justifying fees that are more than your competitor. When other clients say you were worth every penny and helped them avoid hassles, new clients are going want to hire you.

4. Decipher objections. Many freelancers translate objections to be nice ways of saying, “No.” But that isn’t always the case. Objections and questions are opportunities to help the client better understand how you can help him.

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