Yong Ling Nee, Founder

With the motto, “Let us manage your manufacturing so you can focus on growing your business,” Lee International Trading Services, Inc. established in Ohio in 1990, has always defined itself as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).  OEMs can take a custom drawing of a product idea and turn it into reality or reproduce a sample in large quantities.  It is no secret that manufacturing products in China creates significant savings over producing them domestically, but what remains a secret to many domestic businesses is how to capitalize on that knowledge with the language, culture, and trade customs barriers in place.  What once would have been a tedious and difficult process for a company in the states has been streamlined into a simple one-step process involving a basic purchase order.

There are many quality engineers working at the plants who are able to take initial ideas or rough blue prints and carry them through to finished products, with the owner himself being perhaps the most qualified.  Doubling as the designated head engineer, Yong Ling Nee studied engineering in masters and doctorate programs prior to becoming an asset to several other Fortune 500 companies for over a decade.  Yong’s first entrepreneurial endeavor entailed building computers from scratch, but even as a young child living in China before the economic boom, he would purchase parts from flea markets and spend his free time assembling objects like radios.  His extensive technical knowledge of machinery and tooling design is what really sets him apart from the competition and what ultimately made his OEM business a success while so many others have also attempted, but failed in this arena.  Simply being a Chinese native without the other aforementioned barriers is not enough when it pertains to complicated products.

Lee International Trading Services

With the capacity to implement a wide variety of manufacturing processes like CNC machining, die casting, injection molding, welding, stamping, finishing and assembly, Lee International Trading Services, Inc. has been assisting clients by boosting their profits and reducing their costs for over 26 years.  Lee International handles all the logistics, such as finding and working with the right Chinese export companies, negotiating international freight costs, overseeing tooling and production, and conducting quality inspections.  They also offer financing assistance, domestic shipping, customs clearance and delivery.  The full balance is not even due until the customer’s warehouse receives the product and completes inspection and approval.  They even offer a net 30 credit to approved clients. For product inquiries, please e-mail

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