Do you want to create an event that will resonate with your guests and stand out from the rest? It’s all in the marketing. Whether you’re holding a large scale corporate event or a niche club night, it’s important you integrate social media and use its multitude of uses to your advantage. We’ve put together our top 5 tactics to maximise event success.

1. Create a hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to get visibility leading up to the event. Creating a hashtag specific to your company or campaign can help you promote the event, connect with people and actively engage in the dialogue surrounding the event. Hashtags are usable on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs, so your event can be talked about anywhere and everywhere!

2. Generate hype

An event is only as good as the hype surrounding it! Get people informed and interested by creating a Facebook event and talking about it on various social media platforms. Share the event poster on Instagram and Twitter, and each time you do remember to use the hashtag! Respond quickly and succinctly to any questions or queries the public may have, and be clear and precise about the event’s aims and proceedings.

3. Teaser videos

Teaser videos are a great way to tantalise your potential guest list’s tastebuds! What vibe are you going for? Are you throwing a party? Are you hosting a corporate event? Is this a private or a public function? Whatever the nature of the event, there are a wide range of ways to create a video to get your guests excited. It’s a great way to include fun, relevant music and information about the event.

4. Extend the life of the event

In order to extend the life of the event, it is paramount to take plenty of pictures and footage that can be posted long after the event has finished. This can be leveraged and used across social media to connect with attendees in the future. As well as this, it’ll excite your guests about attending in the first place, as they might get to have their picture taken or feature in a fun video!

5. Branded photo booth

As previously mentioned, it is crucial to extend the life of your event by sharing photos and videos after the event. A great way to get your guests to do this of their own accord is to hire a branded photo booth. Photo booths allow guests the fun and privacy to take memorable snapshots of their time, which they often feel obliged to share! Photo booths can have many fun and quirky aspects that will cater to your event’s specific needs. If you’re curious about what customisations you can add to your photo booth, contact the photo booth hire experts in Perth today.

6. Host a fun competition or giveaway

There’s no doubt about it, people love free things. One surefire way to get the public interested in your next event is to host a giveaway or a competition. A great way to increase awareness of the event is to have people share a status or event in order to be in the running for the prize. Prizes can include free entry, free drinks, or material gifts such as vouchers or clothes. Ideally, you want to run the competition a few weeks beforehand so people are well aware of the upcoming event.

So there you have it! Five great ways that you can advertise, increase awareness and ensure your event is remembered for years to come. As we said earlier, an event is only as good as the hype surrounding it, and using these five key steps, you should have that down in no time.

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