Self-Taught in Health and Nutrition

Following the dream of many entrepreneurs, Stephanie wanted to work from home, and longed to be able to start her workday without having to rush off to an office. There would be no fighting ghastly traffic, braving bad weather, or having to call in sick. Her first inspiration for running a home business came from the example her parents set. With a full dentist office built onto the front of their home, her mother and father ran a very successful dentistry business in comfort and convenience.

Stephanie decided to start her home-based business after her father suffered a stroke, and was forced to retire from dentistry. She had taken care of all of his computer data and IT needs for his business. In her extra time, she taught herself web design and administration skills, and DJ’ed to supplement income. This traumatic event made her buckle down and get serious, and she put 110% into creating her business.

The first website she created was for ringtone downloads, where she made all of the ringtones, and designed video ringtones for free. The site had good traffic, but she felt there were much greater things she could contribute to the world. Having battled obesity and an eating disorder, and overcoming it after years of biological and nutritional research, an idea hit. A website about holistic health, weight loss, and wellness secrets could truly benefit others. From there, “The Science of” was born.

Being prolific at Internet marketing and social media, Stephanie has promoted her website by herself and through online connections. Most websites pay to advertise on other blogs and Google, but Stephanie has been able to gain exposure through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest posts. Primary users are health-conscious women between the ages of 24-55 residing in the U.S., but she has been able to capture a diverse audience of loyal, active women and men followers of all ages worldwide.

Stephanie’s current goal is to progress into a more expansive website where users can get the latest holistic nutrition news, set personal goals, track their progress, save favorite recipes, interact with other users, purchase top health, weight loss and wellness products, and plan their fitness routines. Visit HBM

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