36aSure, most of us start each year intending to make it a good one. But even when the universe is helping out by providing things like a growing economy and job security, creating a positive life for yourself is easier said than done. A Pollyanna outlook just isn’t enough to sustain us through life’s slings and arrows, whether they come in the form of fender benders, annoying colleagues, mortgage payments, a lingering flu bug, or something more serious. It isn’t enough to want a positive attitude. To develop and sustain one throughout adversity and challenges, you have to cultivate habits that lead to resilience and mental toughness. Positivity isn’t just another feel-good buzzword. It has the power to infuse your life with purpose, creativity, accomplishment, and energy. When you live your life with positive energy, you attract positive opportunities and people. HBM

Jon Gordon

Author of The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, The Shark and the Goldfish, Soup, The Seed, and The Positive Dog

Coauthor of One Word That Will Change Your Life


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