Brian Winch has been cleaning up since 1981; he cleans up litter outside commercial properties such as shopping plazas. His business meets the needs of clients who appreciate a litter-free environment but don’t know where to turn to for service.

Winch was working as a shipping clerk at a sporting goods store in 1981 when he decided he would like to start his own business. His options were few with only a high school education and limited finances. He just needed to find the right opportunity.

Success Story Brian Winch
Brian Winch, Founder of Cleanlots

Inspiration for his business came from his father Joe, who was a school janitor. His dad picked up jobs on the side to help supplement the family’s income, and he sometimes took his children along with him as “little helpers”.

“I remembered my father used to make extra money cleaning up litter from a neighborhood shopping plaza. All he had to do was walk around the property and clean up any litter from the sidewalks, parking lot and landscape before the stores opened the next day. It was almost as easy as going for a walk in the park!” explains Winch.

Winch started part time so the work would not interfere with his job. After two months of making more money than his full-time job, he quit that job to focus on his small home-based business. “You don’t need expensive equipment or rented business space,” claims Winch. “Just a broom and litter collection tool and you’re in business.”

Winch contracts his service with property management companies. He services retail, office and warehouse properties on almost a daily basis. Most of his business comes from referrals.

“I started my business for about $200 35 years ago,” Winch says. “I’ve turned that initial investment into a $650,000-a-year business, and it’s provided me with a great life.” Rather than instant riches, Winch believes in simpler businesses that lack the outrageous wealth claims.

The entrepreneur is teaching others to replicate his success. His website offers his book Cleanlots along with free support. “I’m about 10 years from retirement,” Winch shares. “I think a great legacy would be to instruct other people without deep pockets or advanced education but with a drive and determination to succeed on how to start a litter cleanup business of their own.” To see sample excerpts from the Cleanlots book, visit this link: For more information on how to start your own low-cost litter cleanup service, visit


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