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How can you tell the difference between a money making home business and a scam or a gimmick? After all, the difference between a 'gimmick' and 'scam' might be legally different but when it comes to your money making home business … there really is not much of a difference at all.

So before I reveal exactly how to forget the truth about a real home based business, first let's define the difference between a home based business 'scam' and a simple home based business 'gimmick'.

Home Business Scam – I define this as a business that's advertised to provide a reasonable to outrageous income stream but is really nothing but a complete ruse. This is a business that's really set up to be complete BS with absolutely no chance of anyone ever turning it into a money making home business.

Home Business Gimmick – This type of business is usually real and can even be quite profitable … for a few folks anyhow … or for a short period of time. These gimmicks are prevalent on the internet today because the internet is still relatively new so the opportunity for making a fast buck are also prevalent. But is this really what you want as a long term money making home business?

So if you really want a true money making home business, you need to avoid the scams and gimmicks as one will rob you blind up front and the other will have you chasing every fad of the day … do not do either.

Instead, make the smart choice by looking for a real money making home business that you can build upon for years of profitable operation and also improve upon to increasingly grow your profits each and every month.

Now let's look at the rules of a real home business:

Rule # 1 – Your business should sell something other than itself. In other words, if the business you buy does nothing other than tell you to turn around and sell the same business to others, you just bought a 'gimmick' at best.

Rule # 2 – Avoid MLM (multi-level marketing) hell. While it's true that an MLM can provide immunity leverage and wealth, they only provide this leverage for the first and the few people through the door (usually the founders of the MLM). An MLM also violates Rule # 1 as the only way to achieve this leverage is to recruit your friends and relatives into the same business so now you're selling the same business you just bought instead of selling the products of the MLM.

Here's a simple 'reality check'; were you buying the products the MLM promotes before buying the MLM business? If not, what makes you think others will buy these products from you?

Source by Gary Jezorski

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