5866e6e95b735eb00330a117_book-p-500x712Life is full of resistance seeking to sink your dreams. It takes hard work plus a daily dose of G.R.I.T. to overcome this resistance and reach your goals. Serialpreneur, philanthropist and speaker, Scott Petinga, Chief Troublemaker at The Scott Petinga Group, says G.R.I.T. stands for Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity, the foundational ingredients necessary to get the journey started, keep momentum going, effectively handle hurdles along the way, and stick with the task until the destination is reached.

In his new book, No One Ever Drowned in Sweat: G.R.I.T. – The Stuff of Leaders and Champions (February 2017/Timothy & Titus), Scott breaks down each trait of G.R.I.T. and how to successfully use them to reach goals and achieve success. Besides sharing his own experiences, Scott adds words of wisdom culled from interviews with over 50 notable CEO’s, entrepreneurs, non-profit heads, thought leaders, athletes, everyday heroes, academics and forward thinkers from all walks of life.

Scott Petinga knows about adversity . . . and failure. He flunked out of school, was kicked out of the Marines, has been fired from jobs, went through a divorce and is suffering through one of the greatest tests of all… being diagnosed with cancer. Despite the harsh setbacks, Scott has used G.R.I.T. to get back up after being knocked down and forge ahead towards the fulfillment of his dreams.

And Scott believes you don’t need higher education or specialized degrees to succeed. The fundamental elements of G.R.I.T. is all that are needed to restore the business world, which Scott believes has grown basically weak and unproductive because corporate heads have valued those with educational parchments and alphabetical titles over those with the characteristics of G.R.I.T.

No One Ever Drowned is Sweat is for those desiring to start their own business or have already taken the initial steps. It’s for business leaders attempting to climb up the ladder within a company but find themselves hindered or stuck, sports players seeking to make their mark in the sports world, cancer patients struggling through their difficult journey or an Average Joe or Jane wanting to shake off the shackles of mediocrity and blossom not only in a job but in family life and social circles.

But at the core, No One Ever Drowned in Sweat isn’t about Scott or his companies, or even his business competence. The book is about how to rise above creeping and soul‑crushing mediocrity, ignore all the red flags, stand tall when just getting up is difficult and blaze your own path to being happy.

100% of profits from the book will be used to create lasting memories for adults with life-threatening medical conditions.

No One Ever Drowned in Sweat shows how tenacity produces results.”

John Salmons, former NBA player and entrepreneur


Screenshot (65)Scott Petinga has risen through such oppositions as failure, rejection, divorce and even cancer to accomplish impressive and respectable goals and now has this insatiable drive, this compulsion to create change…to be change. Everything he pursues must have meaning and purpose beyond the norm. Petinga is currently the Chief Troublemaker of The Scott Petinga Group where he is a pioneer in the development of businesses that make a lasting impact on society. When he’s not busy saving the planet, he uses his acquired wisdom, knowledge and experience to help others make their mark in the world.

After serving in the military and in roles as varied as Vice President of Segmentation Management at Santander Bank and Adjunct Professor at several regional colleges, Petinga put his brilliant marketing skills to work. He served in several senior executive roles at advertising agencies, including Accountability Director at Carmichael Lynch and Strategic Planning Director at RMG Connect – JWT, before leaving Madison Avenue in 2007 to launch his flagship company, the data-driven communications agency AKQURACY.

Founded on the strength of a single client relationship, Petinga has since grown the company into a multi-million-dollar marketing endeavor. Within five years AKQURACY earned a place on Inc. magazine’s prestigious list of their Fastest-Growing Private Companies and then Petinga went on to be selected to join the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) – an invite only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs, and was a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award.

Petinga is also extremely passionate about serving the community: he is the founder of the TH!NK DIFFERENT Foundation, the Fairy Foundation, the Center of Advocacy for Cancer of the Testes International (CACTI), and a volunteer mentor with Imerman Angels of Chicago.

For more information on Scott and the book visit, www.NoOneEverDrownedinSweat.com.

NO ONE EVER DROWNED IN SWEAT: G.R.I.T. – The Stuff of Leaders and Champions

By Scott Petinga

February 2017/Timothy & Titus



ISBN-13: 978-1633930162

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