New app creation tool Semble is changing the fabric of mobile app development and giving everyone the power to create powerful applications for their smart devices. Makers of all kind now have the ability to package their content and passions through a communications channel that gets it straight into people’s hands for interactive use.

With the use of Semble to create their own apps, three passionate professionals are en route to creating a sustainable society. They’re dusting off old-fashioned skills, and bringing them into a digital world. Their passion and expertise isn’t with coding, but they still have skills to share. Be it urban farming, memory training or eco-friendly fashion – their skills are better shared, and can all help to create a more sustainable society. (Learn more about the Recycled Skills Characters)

Karen Washington, an urban farmer and social activist in Harlem, uses her hands outdoors, but is now sharing her knowledge through her own app Farm Queen. ”Sharing my knowledge and making farming accessible for everyone, was easy with this tool. Through communicating my passion I can, together with the people using my app, be a power in changing the world”

“Communicating via mobile devices should be for everyone, and not just for coders and IT people,” said Staffan Ekholm, founder and CEO, Mag +. “What WordPress did for websites, we’re now doing for apps. Our hope is that by making the power of apps available to anyone who wants one, we can also help change how people think about apps – that you don’t need IT to build one, in fact, you can do it yourself.”

Semble gives everyone the power to create apps

Semble is an easy-to-build app assembly tool to help ordinary people quickly and intuitively create mobile applications for smart phones and tablets, natively optimized for these devices. Semble gives passionate people with something to share the power to create their own apps in a simple and fun way, since the launch of Semble now eliminates the need for high-end IT and coding skills.

“I’ve been in the publishing business for 20 years, and I’ve seen it evolve into something fantastic that Semble now is pushing even further,” says Ekholm. “It’s a tool for anyone who wants to bring their own beautiful, immersive content to others using digital and smart devices, be it an urban farmer or any small, entrepreneurial business.”

Semble’s drag-and-drop functionality makes creating apps as easy as putting together a presentation. Users can custom build their own apps, or choose ready-made application templates and skins, and can develop as many apps as they like, with no purchase commitments or credit cards necessary. The design panels within Semble are highly recognizable to further simplify the process.

Semble is now available for download from the Semble web page. To read more, watch a demo and download Semble, please visit

For information and to learn more about the Semble Recycyled Skills Characters, please visit their profile pages at

About Semble  

Semble is a complete ecosystem for creating and distributing content to apps on the 1 billion+ mobile devices in the world. It allows companies to put content where their audiences are; on mobile. Our apps are content hubs that engage users and keep them coming back. We give you tools for creating and delivering designed touchscreen-native documents and issues, news items, real-time notifications, in-app messaging and web content.

Semble is one of two products from Mag+. Designd, the other powerful tool from Mag+, pioneered touchscreen publishing on the first iPad and remains the fastest, simplest publishing platform for creating content optimized for mobile devices, without the need for programming skills.

Together, Designd and Semble, have more than 800 clients in 60+ countries, which together have used the Mag+ platform to create more than 5,000 apps. Clients include Maserati, United Nations, Mindshare, EMC, New York Magazine and Hemispheres (United Airlines). Mag+ is headquartered in Stockholm, with an additional office in New York City.

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