Nikki Bella + Artem Show Us Their Home Kitchen With Brie Bella

– This is the Consent Kitchen.

You always find Adam and you'llalways find Brie aka Kramer popping in whenever she likes.

– Are we wearing the same dress? – Yes, we're wearing the same dress.

Hello there, come into my kitchen.

And it just doesn't start in the kitchen, it start right when you walk into my door and you have my coffee section.

So, here I love to seesunrise of Napa Valley.

We keep the fine wineaccessories in here as well always wine, coffee, bunch of fine stuff.

I like to stare at thiseveryday because I'm pregnant and I don't get to drink it.

So I just stare at whatI have and enjoy it.

These are nice quick grabs and stuff.

I have my sparklings and white at the top, and then I keep my reds below.

And something that's alsovery cool about having this right by my kitchen isI have two extra fridges.

When you're engaged to achef, you need extra space.

So I keep anything overflowing I never would have thoughtI would have a full fridge and used two fridges that overflow but when you're engagedto an incredible chef, well, you actually get food.

I thought maybe we could talk about you moving here full time with me? – Why, because I cookbreakfast every morning? – For all of you whodon't know, this is Artem, he is my fiancee slash baby daddy.

– Will you marry me? – Adam! Will you say hi? – Hi.

– He is very shy.

Artem cooks pretty much everything.

I'm very spoiled becauseyou will always see Artem in the kitchen creating something.

He was born and raised in Russia, they're very big withstews and soups, right? – Yeah.

So he always makes like thesehome made stews and soups.

This one is kind of coming to the end.

And he just like, he'd set up kind of always keeps one here.

And constantly just eats at it, adds some meat and stuffing.

Something funny about this is, so Artem and I were cookinga few dishes in here on Thanksgiving, and I have these cute cutting boards as deco.

Well, when I thoughtI'd turned the oven on, I accidentally turned, I don't even know the name of this thing.

What is this called? All I know is when you turn it on, if you want to put an eggon it and fry it, you can.

You can cook on this.

Well, I actually turnedthis middle part on and next thing I know myfire alarm's going off, I look and the cuttingboards bottom part of it are on fire.

I'm in a red robe, dripping wet hair, and next thing I see sixbeautiful firefighters walking into my backyard.

– You always say handsome formen, you don't say beautiful.

That's just weird.

– Well, but they're firefighters so I could say they're beautiful, right? They save lives.

Anyways, we put the fire out.

they put a smile on my face.

I offered them some food anddrinks, they couldn't accept.

And that was my first Thanksgiving here.

So over here, I like having decor but useful decor at my kitchen.

If you're gonna be on my countertop, you better make some use of it, right? So, well, this is a gift from my sister.

She pretty really wanted me to show that.

I thought it was very cute.

I like having pops around my kitchen.

This is our homemade juicer 'cause we like homemade orange juice and stuff.

I do have a lot of cookbooks, this is the latest one I have on display and these are otherobviously salt pepper shaker.

I'm just gonna call thisa grounder grinder mother, muddler.

So all my drawers are very organized.

As you can see I alwayslove my pops or red or gold.

This is more like thealcohol drawer over here.

Just kind of whateveryou're feeling alcohol wise, I like to make sure I havethe appropriate glass.

Whether it's champagne, white wine, red wine, Whiskey, Martini, I have it all.

These two are dedicated to teas 'cause I'm actually a big tea drinker and so I like to keep allmy different teas here.

Here are my like tea potsand cute little mugs.

Think I go overboard on the coffee mugs but Artem and I both areobsessed with coffee.

So this is like a coffee mug section.

All of the these drawersare just pots and pans that we keep on both sides.

It's really nice to have thetrash cans that pull out, of course we got a recycling bin.

We just keep like any ofour bake ware over here.

Again, gotta get my pops or resin.

And I like to keep some ofmy utensils by the stove because we're constantly cooking.

Probably a lot of you at home, have this.

Artem one day, he got a tortilla that hadn't been cooked yet, after he cooked the chicken and steak, he put them into thetortilla with some cheese.

He wrapped it up in foil andhe stuck it in there for a bit, and it was like an amazing burrito.

He's looking at me like I'm so weird but I never would havethought I could use that.

– I don't think I put foil on that.

– Yeah, you did put foil, you wrapped them in foil.

– For real? – Yeah, 'cause then I copiedyou and I wrapped mine in foil, was that bad? – No, I'm just.



Painful for the environment.

– Okay then maybe don't do foil please Google that becausemaybe I might have started my second fire in my kitchen.

All right time for the fridge.

Artem, do you wanna comeexplain the fridge with me? – This fridge will be empty within three days, four days.

So it's not like this isgonna stay there forever.

This thing she go through really fast.

– 'Cause right now we'rein quarantine together as well with Brie, Bryan and Birdie, we all cook meals for each other.

I like to place everythingthe butters, my pperoncinis, my sauces, everything goes here.

My drinks and my pickles.

If anyone has a sweet tooth, always have dark organic chocolatechips in your fridge.

Because you just pop ina few when you're having like that sugar craving, it helps so much.

Trust me, I do it.

I also like keeping all likemy beauty stuff there too in like in my fridge, that mean to save energy.

You're always gonna finda big thing of eggs.

Artem likes regularmilk, I like almond milk.

I've been addicted to orangejuice, we have different like cheese's, we have adrawer just for cold vitamins.

And we have all our veggiesand fruits and meats that we keep in here.

And then Artem and I wereobsessed with sparkling water, especially I think when you're wiener.

I always put sparklingwater in a wine glass, it cures the fix.

So we're obsessed withLacroix's there's no sugar, no calories, that'slike one of our drinks.

Artem likes to keep somebeers, he's like a man.

So when he works hard, Artem likes to have a beer.

Don't you Artem? – Yap.

And then when you live with the baker, you always got a nice fresh dough stash.

So when I have a pizzaor some bad craving, he just bakes that up for me.

He makes this home made.

And then the freezer.

By the way, these are amazing.

They're 100 calories low insugar, no dairy, coconut milk but these cream sandwiches hit the spot, they're like my favorite.

So we keep some of our meats in here and then we also have like, just emergency stuff in case we can't get out.

We try not to eat microwave food or any of this kind of food until we absolutely have to.

But I do have to saywe are so obsessed with our Beyond Meats.

Those plant based, yummy.

You always better keepthese in your freezer.

You will never see a Bella without copper mugs in her freezer because this is what makesyour drinks real good being engaged to aRussian, we keep the vodka.

I'm just kidding, Artemdoesn't drink vodka, but that, I wanna be stereotypical.

– I do.

– You do? Artem does drink vodka.

He makes the best homemade Bloody Mary.

And then this is the dining room table.

I love my chandelier.

I have my crystal for good Juju , I keep my fresh lemons that I picked from Brie and Brian's tree over there.

You'll always find inmy kitchen, a very sexy, handsome ballroom dancer chef just making me amazing food.

– I agree.

– Hi Brie.

– Salad, Russian startup and some burgers.

– What are you doing? – I need some white wine vinegar.

– See this is whathappens when your sister is your next door neighbor.

– We share some stuff.

– They share stuff.

– We do.

This is the Constant kitchen.

You always find Artemand you're always find Brie aka Kramer poppingin whenever she likes.

– Are we wearing the same dress? – Oh my gosh, we'rewearing the same dress, that's so embarrassing.

– I'm going home on that note.

Well, I'll bring thisback, maybe tomorrow.

– Bye Brie.

– Bye.

– So this is the pantry, I love walk in pantries.

Three things I never reallythought I would have had in my pantry is this muchfood especially canned food.

I don't really bake or cook a lot so I never thought I'd have different types of flour in my kitchen.

I'm trying to reduce my use of plastic.

But just in case something happens, I always keep water bottles in my pantry.

I'm all about organizationso you will always find in my pantry, myspices always have to be in organized racks.

I need to like see the labelsand like need to see things or I'm never gonna use themand I hate wasting stuff.

And that's the same like with my vitamins.

Like I need to see everything, I need labels to be facing me.

When it comes to the fridge, the pantry, I keep everything in check.

I always like keeping skinny pop.

This has always beenlike my favorite snack.

25 calories per cup, satisfying.

You'll always find these in my pantry, always the macro protein bars.

This is a new one for me 'causeit's a pregnancy craving.

I've become obsessed withgraham crackers again.

Last time I had them I think was first snack in second grade, I don't know.

And now I'm obsessed.

So shall we go see thechef in the kitchen? What is your favorite thingto cook in the kitchen? You cook me.

– For you? – Yeah, what's your favorite.

You like Italian foods, you like pizza.

– Yeah.

– You like pasta.

– He makes such good homemade pasta.

And he makes his own bolognaise.

– What else? – 'Cause I grind my own meat.

– He grinds his own meat.

I have to say like, there is a big difference when you grind your own meat.

– Which is actually I'm deepfreezing some of it right now that I grinded not long ago.

I'm going to make a burger meat right now.

– He does make amazing Russian naplings, he made me those the other day.

– I mean, I love to cook Russian because that's where I came from.

And it just reminds me so muchof my home, and my parents, and my family that I miss very much.

But I think Italian foodis like the one that I really enjoy cooking.

– Yeah, you're good at it too.

– 'Cause there's a lotof like similarity like it's really family stuff.

Like cooking if you cookItalian food, you cook a lot.

Even French it's like it's all about decor and presentations and little portions.

I feel like Italian food'cause it's like family vibe.

So yeah, I say anythingItalian food, I'll do that.

Or like deserts because theyalways cook like big goods for a lot of people.

You don't just cook for yourself.

– Spigots are good.

Oh, I love that.

– It's amazing.

– It's Amazing.

So you guys, this is our kitchen every day morning, noon and night.

We either have coffees inour hands or sparkling waters in wine glasses.

This place can be a mess, it can be really clean.

But the one thing I have tosay is it always smells good.

It's always very warm.

There's always a hot handsome, ballroom dancer here.

Have some wine for me, because 15 weeks I'll be having some of my own.

– For us, I'm not drinking either.

For us, yeah.

He always has this beard likea man every now and then.

– Even though I kinda know that.

– Okay, well I'm gonnaget back to watching him making me a burger.


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