Smart drugs or memory enhancement supplements have been successfully developed to improve cognitive function, working memory, focus, and concentration. The most effective supplements contain nootropic ingredients, which have been shown to improve one or more facets of mental function.

Enhancing Memory

Improving memory and concentration is possible. Often lifestyle problems, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and getting enough rest can provide some improvement. Adding a supplement for memory and focus can be an effective way of improving concentration, memory, and mental energy. You can learn about the best quality nootropics at Brain Enhancement Advisor.

A Scientific Breakthrough

These memory and cognitive enhancing ingredients were discovered in the 1970s and this discovery has led to the formulation of smart drugs. These substances include nutraceuticals, functional foods, herbs, drugs, and amino acids, which are used as ingredients in supplements for memory. The best quality supplements help to improve working memory, attention, energy, focus, and motivation.

Improvements in Cognitive and Motor Function

Nootropic supplements and drugs are being used to treat a verity of conditions that cause difficulty with focus, cognitive function, and motor function. The best quality compounds are being used for ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. The results of studies are limited, but research is on-going and may show promise in the future for preserving memory and motor function in people with these disorders.

The Best Quality Ingredients

While you may think you have never taken a nootropic, you are probably wrong. The best known are stimulants, such as caffeine but this has side effects. Other ingredients used in supplements for memory include methylphenidate, modanfinil, phosphatidylserine, and nutraceuticals, such as Panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and salvia officinalis. Taking combinations of nootropics is called stacking and produces better effects. College students, adults with ADHD, and those interested in improving memory are often looking for the best nootropic stack.

Read Product Reviews

When you are looking for a cognitive enhancing supplement, determining which products are most effective can be quite challenging, due to the number of products on the market. While there are only a handful of effective ingredients, there are dozens of supplements. How can you tell which pills will work? Reading a top nootropics review can help you find the best quality supplements for memory enhancement that will produce results for better memory, focus, and mental energy.

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