Nurses Stand Up To Stay-At-Home Protesters

[Music] well you just watch was a standoff between the Trump supporting protesters who are demanding lifting the stay at home orders and health care workers who staged a counter protest to what you're seeing with all of these little protests that are popping up all throughout the country now this happened in Denver Colorado and what you heard was this woman telling this health care worker someone who is risking his life on a daily basis to keep people alive that he should go to China if he wants to be a communist how wanting to keep people alive ends up being twisted into communism is kind of incredible but this is the type of stuff we're seeing all throughout the country right now people who are not following through would stay at home orders they're not keeping themselves safe they're not keeping their family safe in many cases they're showing up with firearms and these health care workers are like no we're gonna go ahead and block these protesters by standing in front of these cars at the intersection I mean considering this country's very dark recent history with people counter protesters getting run over it's just so incredibly brave to do this but even if he hadn't done this it's brave that he puts his life on the line to keep people alive in the middle of a pandemic and he wasn't the only one he was joined by a female colleague as well yeah – wonderful nurses there so let's note a couple of ironies here as she matches China but actually he looks like the protester from Tiananmen Square who was in favor of democracy and she looks like she's operating the tank like the Communist Chinese were at the time another irony is a guy I mean to do well right there tapping him on the arm don't do that that's against the rules he meant well he was trying to support him but but don't touch each other like that at this point okay and wear a mask for God's sake just wear a mask where there's a big outbreak in Denver you gotta be wearing masks and gloves no matter where you're going so anyway back to the woman who does not mean well I know she keeps saying land of the free and I can't see if there's an oven of the written lightly on that poster all I could see there is okay land free really lead free me free you know free you communist you why do you go to China's support bankers I don't know making things up about communism bankers yes she's a she's a caricature right and these people exist these caricatures exist I mean it's it's a bit like the everything from the shirt to the ignorance to the sign it's just it's all so short-sighted it's all so and I'm gonna say it it's ignorant right you're turning this health care worker this nurse into your enemy because I mean look there are people first of all who have no choice but to work in this pandemic right their job is essential and we should be thanking them we should be showing them our gratitude instead she's sitting in her car with a stupid sign yelling at someone who's probably already burnt out overworked stressed and again he's putting his health on the line to do his job and you have this moron you know yelling at him like this and she's being manipulated that's the truth all these protesters while I think for some of them their frustration and their anger and their desperation is legitimate they want to be able to go back to work and make money and provide for their families that desperation is being manipulated by the very people who couldn't care less if they lived or died and I just wish there was a way to get through to them right but we we have to fight back against all of this propaganda the most-watched cable news channel is Fox and what have they been doing throughout this pandemic they're also egging these protestors on it's disgusting health care professionals in this country been absolute heroes you know in a lot of places including in Ohio right now we have a person who works at TYT whose mom works at a hospital or iOS's oh no they can't none of the staff can be tested there's not enough tests so and we've heard the stories in the past of not enough mass so asking nurses to go in sometimes doctors as well without mass to treat patients it's unconscionable and and it's hard to tell from that video the exact traffic situation there so it's hard to tell if it was just symbolic what the nurses were doing there or if it was also physical and literal because some of these protesters are blocking entrances into hospitals which I mean it doesn't get any more counterproductive than that let alone the spittle that she's throwing into the air without a mask and God knows who's that's gonna land on but but really most importantly blocking the interests of the hospitals at least in one instance and if that's what what's going on here and the nurses put their bodies in the way to make sure that those interests are not blocked it's an extra level of heroic service and and they pay nurses more I want to just go to one of the incredible photos that was taken of this counter-protest photojournalist Allison McLaren took this picture and just I want to show it because it really does emphasize the point you just made jank here you have the nurse standing in the street right in his counter protest and there's a protester wearing a Bulls jersey yelling at him to his face the the protester yelling at him isn't wearing a mask I mean these people again it's it's manipulation it's ignorant and it's propaganda that feels impossible to counter right because it's just so powerful like the the messaging from Fox News the messaging from Trump himself is a giant obstacle in keeping people safe and actually fighting this pandemic in an efficient way it's just I don't know it feels helpless and hopeless right now yeah I see stuff like this look I always go back to we won with younger generations 70% of under 45 girls and Democratic primaries voted for Bernie Sanders and for progressives it's a matter of time before progressives around the country and we will there's almost no question about that it's already baked in and it's partly because of online shows because that's where young people get their news and so I'm so thrilled at the establishment was stupid enough not to pay attention to it and so that that's our hope but yes Anna for the people who watch Fox News they've been brainwashed and it in a sense it kind of his hopeless reaching them because they're not gonna watch it online news it and even if they watch mainstream media's there's barely pushback they're afraid to challenge the right-wing but they're not even watching them I just keep going back to you know people I know that Muslim immigrants who watched Fox News and then voted for Trump it's it's total brainwashing so those folks they're doing things against their own interest both from a health perspective but also from an economic perspective as dr.

found she explained we're all going to stay indoors longer if you keep going out prematurely and that's gonna hurt the economy more and you're gonna make less money and you're gonna be unemployed longer you're hurting yourself in every way shape and form but conservative Facebook groups Fox News and Trump told you otherwise and so it's nearly impossible to reach that 30% of Republicans thanks for watching The Young Turks who really appreciated another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to interact with us more this live chat emojis badges your kind of pro cheese of me Anna John jr.

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