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From the ever-changing trending topics on social media to the overflow of articles from online news sources, it’s no wonder there is massive information overload in today’s society. Many companies are having trouble breaking through the data clutter and reaching their target consumer market. Not to worry! Below are tried-and-true marketing tips that will help entrepreneurs successfully promote their products and services to their online customers:

1. Use Your Blog As A Marketing Tool: One surefire marketing strategy is using your blog to give your brand a voice and pique your current and potential customers’ further interest in your products and services. For example, we use our blog to share insight on the different forms of personal communication and the benefits of verbal conversations versus nonverbal ones, which in turn helps to promote the Parlor voice-based social networking app. We hope to inspire people to see how verbal communication is more effective and more efficient both in terms of enhancing relationships and increasing productivity. This helps grow our business, as our blog posts inspire people to download our app and connect with others on a deeper, more personal level.

2. Conduct Engaging Social Media Giveaways: Social media is the ultimate way to promote your company nowadays. One way to generate buzz about a new company launch or update is to combine the announcement with a fun social media giveaway. As an entry option, you can ask that participants tag a friend in the comments to attract an even greater turnout and more potential customers. After the social media giveaway is posted, submit it to giveaway directory sites and giveaway linkys on blogs to gain more participants.

3. Promote A Social Cause: Find one that strategically aligns with your product, brand, and audience and support it through social media promotion (via co-branded posts) and consider a donation for every share or retweet of your post. 

4. Social Media Eye Candy: Make your social media images more visual. Buffer recently found that sharing images on Twitter increases retweets by 150%.  While puppies and babies make for very popular social media pics, make sure the photos you are choosing align with your brand, product, and audience. When it comes to photos, humor, emotion, and beauty are three traits that drive sharing.  

5. Always Use Hashtags: Hashtags started on Twitter and have now spread to Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. Hashtags can make your content easy to search for and find, by anyone with an interest – even if they aren’t following you.  Don’t hashtag just for the sake of throwing in some popular keywords. Do your research to ensure that the hashtags are trending with your target market and strategically connect with your brand messaging.

Joel Schwartz is the founder of, a voice based social networking app that offers a  fun way to discover, chat and engage with new likeminded people and communities near you. Whether you want to use the phone to plan your next night out with local friends or conduct a conference call with participants from across the globe, the app can connect you in seconds, for free. 

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